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Trump Fires Back -- Tilda's 'Hanging by a Thread'

10/13/2009 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tilda Swinton is completely irrelevant ... at least according to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

The Donald has just released the following statement regarding the Oscar winner's attempt to stop Trump from developing a golf course in Scotland ... but for Trump, the statement is surprisingly tame:

"Where was Tilda Swinton three years ago when everyone else was petitioning? She's a little late in the game don't you think?

Swinton is a part of a tiny little group of people who are hanging by a thread. 93% of the public in Scotland are in favor of the project. I have all of my permits and approvals and we're going to start construction in 3 weeks."

We're guessing she won't be on "Celebrity Apprentice" anytime soon...


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1802 days ago

doc murry    

the donald is the man....that why god meant for girls to stay at home and clean and men to run the world,,as it should be

1802 days ago

doc murry    

hello am i first??? just a dumb girl..can i be first

1802 days ago


Isn't there more of this country he can wreck before he takes his clown act international?

1802 days ago


Most Americans probably are not aware that Swinton comes from one of the oldest families in Scotland, a noble line dating back to the 9th century. Her name carries enormous prestige there, and for Trump's ambitions in Scotland, she's much more than a fly to be swatted aside by The Donald. She has the influence to sway Scottish public opinion.

1802 days ago

doc murry    

damn that lady is ugly......cough cough

1802 days ago

the a-hole    

Where was Tilda Swinton in the three games, years ago when everyone else was petitioning??
Swinton is a part of a tiny little group of people who are Scottish "Celebrity Apprentice" anytime hanging by a thread! THAT IS 93%! of the Rosey O'Donnel, since she IS IRISH, public in Scotland are NOT in favor of the project! I have all of my permits and approvals, BUT WHAT DO YOU HAVE?!!! and you're going to start construction in THREE WEEKS?!!

Now I'M guessing she won't be on soon..., but you understand, RIGHT! Because you gotta stand REGATA, IF THATS WHAT YOU DO!!!
And Tilda Swinton; who give a damn about her?!! It's all regata. That's all there is to it! She's a little late don't YOU think? AND DON'T YOU TELL ME TO THINK, CUZ THAT'S YOU!

1802 days ago

doc murry    

labian..what kind of drugs are you on? and please send some to me..cough cough.....

1802 days ago


I'd rather see Donald Trump save lives in the United States

than build ANOTHER golf course in a foreign country.

1802 days ago


His name is D. Trump and "D" stands for d!ckhead.

1802 days ago


Just what the world needs...another piece of overpriced grass, for grown men to chase a little ball around.

Does anyone have an unused piece of swampland for grown men to fish in? ;)

1802 days ago


generally i like donald trump; however he can be quite vicious with anyone who stands in HIS way of something HE wants. i suppose this is how people get to the top; however he sure is quick with angry words and put-downs when someone stands up against him. if he has the permits to build it; then good for him; why would he then take up his precious time to verbally attack this woman? we all know that other people in scotland are against his project there too!! she is not the only one. sometimes people with money are too pushy; thinking they can always bully their way to get anything they want; but you know what? every one eventually dies; so all the power you think you have is only limited to how long you live on this earth. period.

1802 days ago


YEA YEA YEA`s the project is a go untill he goes broke again and the american pubic bales him out of being bank RUMP THUMP again and again an gain so many times that it is looking like he`s FN governator`ss everywhere.How many times can he go bank bust and still be allowed to own something that he should be giving back.I`d never buy into any thrump project he`s playin a shell game.

1802 days ago

Black Power    

You can cry "Til da" cows come home, Tilda. Trump will bowl over anyone that gets in his way. He already got the go ahead from the country and he will do just that.

1802 days ago


I didn't know she was so unattractive. She looks worse than him.

1802 days ago
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