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Rush Limbaugh -- Ram Sacked

10/14/2009 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once again, Rush Limbaugh's been pushed away from the NFL -- the talk-show host has been officially dropped by a group looking to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Rush Limbaugh -- Ram Sacked
A rep from the group claimed Rush got the boot because his participation complicated the effort.

Ever since word got out that the conservative mouthpiece was interested in the team, several people lashed out against it -- including the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, the head of the NFL Player's Association and even Al Sharpton.

It might be the best thing that happened to Rush -- the Rams haven't won a single game this season.

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No Avatar

Slutty Whores Rock    

No legitimate organization wants anything to do with Rush the cowardly racist traitor.
Also, the NFL would have lost most of its sponsors if the tub of lard was involved in any way.
Stay at home and talk to your idiot listeners in their trailer parks.

1779 days ago


Hey Kim.... why so angry?

Jon Stewart is a moron. Of course he appeals to someone like you.

1779 days ago

you just don't get it    

Hasn't anyone taken this pig to slaughter yet?

1779 days ago


The NFL is a racist organization. They have acted stupidly. Beers all around.

1779 days ago


rams suck.

1779 days ago

Just sayin'    

Jon is how you spell his name Kim. Being a fan you should know that but we will let it slip cause you are just as big a lib tool as he is. We can't criticize the mentally retarded too harshly. That would be mean.

1779 days ago

Just sayin'    


1779 days ago


Al Sharpton?? Wasn't he the racist pig who decided the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty of rape when not one shred of evidence existed to back up the accusing whore's story? Oh yeah, that's him. You want a racist? Look up Al Sharpton.

1779 days ago


Yep, I love the compassionate of you left wing POS libs!! You can never handle the truth can you. And the funny thing is Limbaugh just signed a $400 million contract to continue his show. Now, now, now that has got to fry you libs who can't even have one Lib carry a radio show or network without it going bankrupt(Air American). And it is good that Chi Town didn't get the Olympics and the delegates on the Committee didn't by the Oprah-Obama line of BS and award it to a non-mobbed up City like Chicago. 400 kids shot in schools this year alone in Chicago is PROOF of Obama not knowing what he is doing. Nobel Peace Prize-For what? Getting elected and serving 12 days-what a joke. Are you giving him the Heisman Trophy next because he watched a college football game? Plus he throws a baseball like a girl, so you want to give him a WOrld Series ring? You libs are a disgrace

1779 days ago


#13, Kim

I couldn't even finish your post. IF you insist on posting would you please not resort to name calling and spewing your ill-informed comments and actually think before you speak.

1779 days ago



Now he can sue the hell out of those who slandered the hell out of him AND show damages.

GO RUSH! You're the best!

1779 days ago


All Dems have to do these days is to claim everyone and everything is a racist because there is nothing else they can contribute to the conversation. Rush does commentary - satire if you will - just like Jon Stewart - yet you have no problem with "Jon". Very sad.

1779 days ago


HAHAHAHAHHA---I cant quit laughing--HAHAHAHAHA just wait till that tub of lard gains his weight back--

1779 days ago


HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!!
Face it, Rush, people (PEOPLE WITH ANY SENSE AT ALL) HATE you!!!! We HATE YOU!! And now I belive in God. Yep, that was all it took!! God, EXCELLENT CALL!!

1779 days ago
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