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Soulja Boy Exposes the Family Jewels

10/14/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered one of the dumbest displays of wealth of all time, Soulja Boy just showed the entire planet that he keeps tens of thousands of dollars in an unprotected shoe box in his apartment.

Oh yeah -- did we mention he was just robbed back in December?

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
SB just posted the arrogant rant on his Twitter page, in response to the story we ran yesterday -- that the rapper's landlord accused him of owing nearly $10,000 in unpaid bills.

So, feeling the need to prove his worth, Soulja whipped out a cache of cheesy-but-expensive jewelry and wads upon wads of $100 bills while one of his friends gave the following play-by-play: "wow .... wow ... wow ... wow."

Hopefully, SB takes a few of those unprotected bills and invests in a bodyguard.


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he deserved to be robbed.. and possibly again.

1833 days ago


another rapper that will soon be dead...

1833 days ago

Simone - number 1    


1833 days ago

o rly    

Old pictures.

Come on TMZ with some racism. Mods/admins don't do their jobs, so don't worry.

Someone Supaman SIMONE.

1833 days ago

o rly    

Also, Simone obviously can't count.

1833 days ago

Simone - number 1    

Yep!!!! During the day is more difficult to get it!!!!!

PS: I really don't know who this guy is!!!!!! And, who cares??????

1833 days ago


he's not even a rapper. hes a dude that makes alot of noise

1833 days ago


Time to grow up and be a MAN instead of a little BOY. Time to go to the pawnshop and hand over some of that cheesy jewelry (if it's real) GROW UP your not a "BOY" anymore

1833 days ago


This tool will be broke in 2 years spending like that.

1833 days ago


He'll grow out of the "I have so much money, gansta" phase.

He also might change his name, but for now it suits him perfectly. Sounds really immature.

Love, shuffler.

1833 days ago

o rly    

It's SIMONE's fault he has this amount of money. Simpleton's like her bought his album and songs from iTunes. BOYCOTT SIMONE!

1833 days ago

Simone - number 1    

Soulja Boy. I completely ignore who this person is.

1833 days ago

London not England    

NOW....WHITE PEOPLE (and Uncle Michael Steele Toms) out there....
I KNOW you don't care...but THIS is why we need an African American President...!

young black men/boys need to know that a man can become President of the United States of America and NOT have to show off like this...

YOUNG BLACK MEN..PULL YO PANTS UP...GET A JOB! STOP MAKIN BABIES (and that goes for you too young black women) and GET AN EDUCATION....
Look at what an African American Harvard Graduate has to go thru and he's the F@#KING PRESIDENT!!!!!! Do you think that white America is going to respect you when your pants are pulled down so low you can see your Ass, you have gold teeth, no job, and when you DO get a break in life (or a record contract) you don't pay your bills, but purchase a lot of Stupid SH#T, and then put it on Facebook for all the world to see!

CAN YOU SAY "IGNANT"?!?!?!??!?!

1833 days ago


Another dumb individual. You flaunt all your money and jewelry in someone's face, and they eventually snatch it from you. Isn't this kid still a teenager? That would explain the ignorance and naivety.

1833 days ago


We don't care about all your jewels and cash souljaboy... it'll be gone within half a decade if you don't hire yourself a financial adviser! Speaking of that- I wonder if he's paid taxes on all those stacks of $100s. Be careful who you show your stashes of CASH to... it looks suspect (no matter who your are-black, white, brown...rapper, pastor, Wall St exec)!

1833 days ago
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