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Soulja Boy Exposes the Family Jewels

10/14/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered one of the dumbest displays of wealth of all time, Soulja Boy just showed the entire planet that he keeps tens of thousands of dollars in an unprotected shoe box in his apartment.

Oh yeah -- did we mention he was just robbed back in December?

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
SB just posted the arrogant rant on his Twitter page, in response to the story we ran yesterday -- that the rapper's landlord accused him of owing nearly $10,000 in unpaid bills.

So, feeling the need to prove his worth, Soulja whipped out a cache of cheesy-but-expensive jewelry and wads upon wads of $100 bills while one of his friends gave the following play-by-play: "wow .... wow ... wow ... wow."

Hopefully, SB takes a few of those unprotected bills and invests in a bodyguard.


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o rly    

homie1kanobe, if you're going to quote someone, do it correctly and make sure it's the correct person, fool.

Thomas Tusser made the proverb "A fool and his money are soon parted" in the 1500's, not W.C. Fields.

homie1kanobe and SIMONE, TMZ's power couple.

1837 days ago


yet another irrelevant punk makes the headlines..way to go TMZ!

1837 days ago


Well golly. I just can't seem to make out anything this young fellow is trying to say!

1837 days ago


Someone please Superman this Ho!!

1837 days ago


Moron.... Lets go rob him

1837 days ago


Thank you TMZ for providing us VIP advanced viewing of all items that will be available via bankruptcy auction in a few months

1837 days ago

John Edwards    

What an insecure person this guy is. He is so concerned with what other people think of him and just reeks of ego problems. How sad for this guy that he feels a need to prove he has a little bit of money. What the chump does not understand is he is a small fish in a big pond and his little bit of $$$ stashed in a box is laughable to the people in music who actually have some real money. Maybe he can get back to us when he has over 50 million.

1837 days ago


When I see crap like this it makes me sick.. I have a college degree, but can't find work to support myself or family financially. Yet TMZ post stupid, ignorant and self-righteous a**holes on here claiming they have money. Money, doesn't buy you common sense and it doesn't buy you brains because obviously Soulja D*ck you spend a lot of time sitting on them. Anyway, I am gonna say that as soon as his 15 minutes are up, he'll be back on the streets peddlin' his crack on a local street corner. Yeah, he probably doesn't even know what a "Financial Advisor" is. What a douchebag.

1837 days ago

Dex Mex    

You should know better #25... Dexter wouldn't kill him. He doesn't fit Harry's code.

1837 days ago


What a douchebag. Could those necklaces and rings BE any bigger or uglier? I hope this tool gets jacked soon. Stupid, ignorant, talentless @ss. Why does America popularize idiots like this?
You buy his (c)rap, you support his lifestyle. He needs to be taken out Biggie style!

1837 days ago


One Word - LOOOSSEERRRR !!!!!

Just because you have that kind of money laying around, does not mean you pay your friggen rent, or your bills !!

1837 days ago

A fan    

37." Thank you TMZ for providing us VIP advanced viewing of all items that will be available via bankruptcy auction in a few months "

That was another good one!!! TMZ is rollin' today!

1837 days ago


how much will he have in 2 years.....0

1837 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

This is so sad, it shows how young he is and honestly how stupid he is. He is feeling insecure with all the press about him getting law suits due to money issues with rental homes so he thinks we will all ignore it because he has all these jewels and cash on him. I hate to say it but he will be broke in a few years if not arrested first, not sure what will come first but both will come for sure. I feel bad for him he isn't mentally ready for this kind of money.I'm sure he never see's the money that is due to him anyways, can't help but feel he is taking advantage of with his money due to his age and mind. Invest in something that will keep money coming in always.

1837 days ago


Stuff like this makes me so angry there are SO many racist comments I would love to make. This guy is the ultimate N word. Can't understand a word he's saying and the bling is so god awful ugly. I hope he loses it all and ends up on the street very soon. Our culture is truly going to hell with people like this considered as celebrities. TMZ should be ashamed for even promoting this guy's idiotic lifestyle. I hope Jesse Jackson is proud.

1837 days ago
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