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Soulja Boy Exposes the Family Jewels

10/14/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered one of the dumbest displays of wealth of all time, Soulja Boy just showed the entire planet that he keeps tens of thousands of dollars in an unprotected shoe box in his apartment.

Oh yeah -- did we mention he was just robbed back in December?

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
SB just posted the arrogant rant on his Twitter page, in response to the story we ran yesterday -- that the rapper's landlord accused him of owing nearly $10,000 in unpaid bills.

So, feeling the need to prove his worth, Soulja whipped out a cache of cheesy-but-expensive jewelry and wads upon wads of $100 bills while one of his friends gave the following play-by-play: "wow .... wow ... wow ... wow."

Hopefully, SB takes a few of those unprotected bills and invests in a bodyguard.


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"Playaahh, turn your head round
Lay on the ground, you've been robbed
Wake up, open the door
Lay on the floor, you've been robbed"

- "Player Hater" by Biggie Smalls

1772 days ago

Just sayin'    

Yeah cause money and jewelry bring happiness, right? That's why all those rappers do drugs, cause they are so happy with their lives.

1772 days ago


He is one of the most ignorant, talentless celebrities of all time.

1772 days ago


Notice NOT ONE person is on your side SB. Sad but usually even then azzholes of the azzholes has someone stick up for them. but no you. THATS saying something.


1772 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Slow down boy, Ya need to quit showing yo schitt off, and grow up.I looked at that video again,and TMZ said you had tens of thousands in that shoe box , You got a few hundred thousand in that box. There are people out here that KILL YOU, for alot less. I already hear on the streets you an easy lick.You just put a big ole target on your back, Hire ya some security 24/7, you gonna need it now,and quick.

1772 days ago


1) This kid is probably sitting on his computer reading all these comments because he has nothing better to do; isn't like he is an actual artist. 2) He probably thinks everyone is "just hatin on him cause they mad he fly." (Translation: He's too stupid to realize he just came across like a major effin douchebag). and 3) I bet all the money he's flashin that his ass will end up in jail again within a year for something else dumb. Doesn't know any better.

1772 days ago


is it just me or does oweing tens of thousands in unpaid bills (aka/responsibilities to the average workin person/man/adult) and having jewelry and 100dollar bills in boxes seem, um , kinda typical? im just sayin. very unresponsible.. this country is in the hole because people spend money on stupid stuff and dont pay their bills. who picks up the tab?

1772 days ago


64. "The only people more ignorant than this dumb ass are the ones buying the crap he calls music."

I totally agree with that.

1772 days ago

David Burns    

Can someone translate what he's saying in the video, I'm not good with foreign languages.

1772 days ago


46. Stuff like this makes me so angry there are SO many racist comments I would love to make. This guy is the ultimate N word. Can't understand a word he's saying and the bling is so god awful ugly. I hope he loses it all and ends up on the street very soon. Our culture is truly going to hell with people like this considered as celebrities. TMZ should be ashamed for even promoting this guy's idiotic lifestyle. I hope Jesse Jackson is proud.

Posted at 4:31PM on Oct 14th 2009 by rapperssuck

Don't worry about the rappers. We all know the more ignorant ones (the Soulja Boys and Rick Ross's of the world) will be broke way before the more financially savvy ones (The Jay-Zs, and Will Smiths (yes! He really did start out as a "lowly" rapper).) But there are plenty of college-educated and gainfully employed brothers out there (including me) working and supporting their families while you're not. There, now I just really gave you a reason to shout some racist crap. Knock yourself out skippy. hehehehe

1772 days ago

Just sayin'    

Didn't his DAD teach him to keep his money in the bank??

1772 days ago

Souja who?    

Wow. If Kanye West had interrupted this video we'd have the perfect trifecta of douchebaggery. (For those wondering what the 3rd part of the trifecta is, just pick something from the video. My money is on the hideous "world is mine" chain!)

1772 days ago


bank? ha, thats funny..

1772 days ago


It is so sad to see so many people who believe unless you are "blessed" by whites, it is unacceptable. To condemn his dress, way of making money, etc. is totally ridiculous. You are automatically looking at any and everything negtively. Obviously he doesn't need the white vindication, he is his own person; as he has a right to be. For once, stop with all the stereotypically crap and allow an individual to be himself whether you agree or not. The problem I have is TMZ being so quick to depict black people as negatively as possible and continuously make excuses for whites when they screw up.

1772 days ago


Obviously he has never heard of the IRS.

1772 days ago
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