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Maria Shriver -- Look Matt, No Hands!

10/15/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

According to Matt Lauer, Maria Shriver finally moved out of the dangerous and illegal cell phone Dark Ages -- and texted him from her new "hands-free" device. This after her husband, Guv Arnold Schwarzenegger, promised "swift action" after seeing our footage of Maria illegally yapping away while driving in L.A.

Matt Lauer: Click to watch
Of course, she needed to use her hands to text -- let's just hope she wasn't driving when she did it.


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never heard one could text with a hands free device. who is your source on this one TMZ?

1801 days ago

o rly    

Someone needs to start some SWIFT ACTION on SIMONE.

1801 days ago


There are hands free text applications. I use one on my Blackberry all the time.

1801 days ago


Maria Shriver - look Matt, No Brains...

1801 days ago


The new MyTouch from T-Mobile has hands free texting also. Technology has come a long way folks, read up on things before you make comments.

1801 days ago


Bumper sticker pleads for focused driving and saving lives, maybe your own.

NO cell phone calls while driving
NO text messaging while driving

Posted on cars, home and business offices provides the daily reminder for focused driving and saving lives.

Matt Lauer, there can be no TODAY, if yesterday, someone was distracted while driving and injured or killed someone.

Care about yourself, care about others, live another day.

1801 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!

those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

1801 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

TMZ takes makes payoffs for stolen property "hot" these photos are "hot" and this is how TMZ makes their revenue. Who does it hurt? Society, it hurts society as there can be no ORDER and peace which is what the criminal cops are suppose to be protecting. It's a SNOWBALL effect Rihanna was suppose to be protected by law enforcement but instead law enforcement is profitting from the violenced, encouraging others that this behavior is okay. Who is going to stop TMZ they are nothing but BULLIES enabling chaos and disorder. “If we take away the demand by making it illegal to purchase stolen property whether it is photos, medical info or confidential information, the financial temptation to break the law is negated. A victim of crime should never have their name let alone their photo slpashed on every computer screen across the country, there is not excuse. TMZ should be prosecuted for their role,” says Ahern.

1801 days ago


Texting while driving is not a crime in California. Talking on a cell phone while driving is.

1801 days ago


I canèt believe thatès the end of it! She really doesnèt have to pay a fine. Never giving a sincere apology, never having to pay a fine, and not getting any points on her license, when WE ALL have no choice but to pay. .......and sheès the one with the millions upon millions of dollars. My mother used to work customer service at a major bank, and the people who who throw a major all out tantrum about any little fee the band charged, were the ones who had millions of dollars in their bank accounts!!! And, sure enough, those would be the people whoès fees the bank would waive. Maria Shriver and her whole family are a bunch of greedy, self serving, narcissistic, .....and hideously ugly by the hypocrites. She wonèt even pay for the tickets (that she didnt get,--because the police arent allowed to issue one to her--as a sign of goodwill. Like Èok, I got caught, now I will pay like everyone else doesÈ No, she wonèt even admit wrongdoing!!!!! What absolute arrogance!!!Oh my God!

1801 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Maria Shriver NEVER paid an officer of the law sixty five thousand dollars for a battered picture of a woman just to feed your sick visual appetites! That's $65,000 that could feed thousands of starving emaciated people in Africa. $ 6 5 , 0 0 0 . . .Some of you idiots can't even imagine that's like not working for 2-3 years for many of you on this website and taking several vacations around the world.

1801 days ago


I watch the today every morning while im drinking my chrome soda!!

1801 days ago



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1801 days ago


Kooky and balls and o rly are perfect examples of why families shouldn't inbreed.

1801 days ago

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