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Balloon Boy -- The 911 Call

10/16/2009 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by a hysterical Mayumi Heene yesterday, trying to tell the operator her 6-year-old son Falcon was aboard in a runaway "flying saucer."

Eventually, papa Richard Heene takes over the call and explains how the "saucer" works.

During the call, the operator asked Richard, "Are you sure that [Falcon] is in there?"

Richard replies, "Yeah, we looked everywhere ... and then my son just said ... yeah, he verified it ... he said yeah he went inside just before it went off."

Richard continues, "We had it tethered ... it wasn't supposed to take off."


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Mr. Heene, how come you can afford to build a balloon of this sort but can't afford to pay us the money you owe us from the car accident in 2006 in CA - where you were driving uninsured leaving us to foot the bill to fix our car. We've been kind and patient with you and have even offered to let you pay us back in payments, but you haven't. We could really use the money.

Sincerely, the Garcia Family.

1812 days ago


if Saturday Night Live doesn't do a skit on this I will be very upset!!!!!

1812 days ago


The photo in this post is from the Associated Press and you didn't source it properly. I'm calling it in.

1812 days ago


If any of the news media is giving them any monies for interviews or photos and this family was not in it for the money, then they should give give it to whoever footed the bill.

1812 days ago


Sad that these parents are teaching these children to lie for their own selfish gain. Abuse takes on many forms.

1812 days ago


They called the news stations first, then 911...
It's such a hoax... I hope they are charged when the police find out it's a hoax...

1812 days ago

too sad    

they dont even stay on the phone with 911, how rude .
how obnoxious,
what a freak family.
time wasting 911 who was very good with them .
god bless the 911 dispatcher

1812 days ago

Dr. Demento    

To the Garcia Family/Looking4You:

Sue this evil con artist, either in small claims court or in your district court. You can get a judgment against him for driving uninsured and causing financial/medical damages, and if he doesn't pay up, he won't be able to get his license renewed, he'll have his wages garnished -- all kinds of bad karma that he so richly deserves.

Been there, done that. It works!

1812 days ago

o rly    

Oh SIMONE, how original.

1812 days ago


17. if Saturday Night Live doesn't do a skit on this I will be very upset!!!!!

Posted at 11:36AM on Oct 16th 2009 by Manny

Screw SNL, if South Park doesnt do a episode on this then that is something to be upset about. LOL

1812 days ago


LIARS! As you all heard, real distress is impossbile to fake. I knew the minute that I saw Susan Smith "crying" for her "kidnapped" boys, that she was a scheming, conniving, evil, lying whore. These people are not better.

1812 days ago


What if this really isnt fake? Just because they were on tv several times doesn't mean it was a hoax. It could deffinately be a coincidence. I think it's horrible that people today automatically think something is fake and judge people in such a cruel way. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty?

1812 days ago


Obviously a hoax. They just happened to be filming the balloon when it was let loose...they would have known if their son was in it at that time. It took them 20 minutes to call the police. There was very bad acting on the parents part, then the child comes clean on live tv, while we watch the father squirm and act incoherent.

I am concerned about the little guy vomiting on tv today. Had his father scared him so much yesterday that today he became nervous and was sick to be interviewed again? Did they give him something (a sedative, perhaps?) that made him sick? I can't imagine that they would knowingly put a child with a possible illness on television for an interview. Either way, it is bad parenting.

1812 days ago



1812 days ago

Cletus Turbrow

this is a song about Balloon Boy.

1812 days ago
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