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TLC to Jon Gosselin -- Sue You!!!

10/16/2009 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinTLC is dropping the legal hammer on Jon Gosselin -- filing a lawsuit against the guy for breaching his contract on "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

In the suit, filed Friday in Maryland, the network claims Jon was contracted to be an "exclusive" employee -- but broke his deal when he began taking money to appear on other shows and talking about "Jon & Kate" without proper permission.

Jon has appeared as a guest on all sorts of shows lately -- most recently appearing on "Entertainment Tonight."


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When is Jon and Kate gonna get it...stop being D-Bag's...

1831 days ago


For the one who said TLC is exploiting children......

Really? That show always tries to show the family in the best way possible. Even loser JON. How is this any different than child actors on sitcoms? The kids were not being filmed every day of their lives. If you watched the is usually like one day's events.

And about Kate having an affair......
That is something that the body gaurd, Kate and the body gaurd's wife claimed.

Why must we forget that Jon was caught partying with different girls while they marriage was still okay and the paps didnt start following the kids around until Jon started stepping out on his wife.

This mess was Jon's doing and Kate- well...she is just trying to make through the mess.

1831 days ago


Every time I hear this guy talking he sounds like a kid in high school. I am not a fan of Kate, she appears extremely domineering and controlling which is probably which led to the split. But he is so inarticulate and talks like he is tattle taleing on Kate. He would really do himself a favor to just shut up.

1831 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Wow, Jon, how are you going to support your 8 children now? You took away their source of income and now you have a TON of legal trouble that is not just going to cost in legal fees, but lawsuits usually mean large sums of money are rewarded back to those you wronged.

8 kids get to suffer because their Dad is stupid and selfish and greedy wanting more cars, more toys, more women, more sex, more drugs, more superficial things.

Hope that ever consuming hate of yours ends soon. It is sadly consuming the lives of your children, you are failing them!

The next book will be called 8 Little SAD Faces thanks to their Daddy being a selfish douche with a substance problem! I see you broke that cycle you talked about, with your Dad being a jerk!

1831 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Knock knock Jon.

Yeah it is me again, I told you I'd be back for a visit!


PS...only ONE way to make me stay away FOREVER! But you refuse to catch on, so, I'll return yet again, there is yet one more BIG thing in store for you. Coming soon, so be home this time!

1831 days ago


I am sorry...I mis typed about the affair for Kate. I meant to say that is something that Kate, the body gaurd and the body gaurd's wife all denied. Jon just wanted to justify his behavior. And it doesnt. Even if it were true. Two wrongs never make a right

1831 days ago


TLC did the right thing they sod not pay him a dime he dosent deserve it.If he whanted to be in the show he sod of thought abaut it befor he cheated on her and left her alone with all dose kids.

1831 days ago

o rly    

Shameful, SIMONE sides with Jon Gosselin, what a character

1831 days ago


For all you that are bashing Jon......

Why is it permissible for Kate to go on "The View" "Today Show", etc. and bash Jon? Is it because she has her head so far up TLC's butt that TLC likes it?

I think so.

1831 days ago


Kate can be on the Today show and the View becouse thay don't pay you to be on the show. Jon the loser got payed to be on the insider and Et and I am not talking about little money WHEN Howed K was on ET he got over $2,000,000 for it

1831 days ago


What about freakin' Kate? She's on every show imaginable!!!!!

1831 days ago


Ha ha! About time TLC taught this hypocritical, cig toting, skirt chaser a lesson! Get 'em TLC!

1831 days ago


Kate, Kate, Kate....................You need to change your writing style, as it is so obvious who you are, on here. You don't have friends, so it must be you. Stop it, cause you are just as bad by doing this. Keep stirring it up, Kate.
btw, polish your halo, first chance you get. Yes, we would accept the money too but wouldn't ever behave as you and jon do.....never, never, because I was brought up to not air my dirty laundry and was taught how to behave as a lady, which you haven't learned yet.

oh, stop the tears, you baby. you started this.

1831 days ago


PS. Jon reminds me of Howard K, Stern using those the rag mag TV entertainment shows to fund high living and legal woes when the woman in his life was no longer funding the loser!

1831 days ago


Kate was paid for her "guest host" appearances. She would nothave been paid had she only been a guest being interviewed.

1831 days ago
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