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Cops Search Heene Home

10/18/2009 3:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officers from the Larimer County Sheriff Department showed up at the Heene home with a search warrant late Saturday night.


At least three officers showed up at the home to execute the warrant. They wouldn't reveal what they were looking for but cops were seen carrying away several boxes and a computer.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said earlier in the evening they were planning to file charges against either or both of the parents as a result of the crazy balloon incident that went down earlier in the week.


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# 38&40..You are full of it.

1793 days ago


TMZ why are you wasting so much time on this story? The family is a joke, they are out for attention only. When they were giving an interview the other day and Falcon got sick, how ironic there was a container right there for him to get sick in. I think the mother or father gave him something to make him sick for sympathy. Notice how the mother just sat there when he left.They need to be held responsible for their actions and need to pay whatever necessary to compensate all the people for their actions in trying to find this boy who was "hiding" in the attic. I wouldn't be surprised that his dad put him up there.
This family is dysfunctional and we don't need to keep writing about them. This is exactly what they want.
Quit wasting our time on this stupid story. Falcon even admitted in his own words it was for a story

1793 days ago


I watched this family when they were on "Wife Swap". This family is seriously disfunctional. The father has a terrible temper and actually threw milk on the lady that was the "mom". They let their kids swear, do what they want, and are just out of control. The wife does whatever her husband TELLS her to do. She has no self-esteem. Cuz, the husband treats her like a dog. I totally think they should be looked into by CPS. If all that was for show or not on "Wife Swap"...this fiasco is just another of his crazy ideas. Hes a freaking weirdo. Check it out on UTUBE.

1793 days ago


Hopefully this will pick up this person after they are done. -

1793 days ago


I wonder if the children ran and hid when the police showed up.Who knows what in the minds of their parents.

1793 days ago


Who cares? They're obviously trying to get their 15 minutes of fame with this half assed stunt...if it wasn't this it would've been something else just as dumb. The only reality show the old man is gonna get is a guest appearance on "Toss my Salad"...enjoy!!!

1793 days ago

whats up Doctors    

If this was totally Little Falcon's idea. As a good Father I would have put a boot up his azz, and let him really fly across the living room

1793 days ago


I know of a case of child abduction that was schduled to be aired but due to this "Sensational" storyline, the story was dropped.

These people have wasted the time of enough people - they have had non-stop media attention which could be focused on helping people who need media attention to bring their children back.

This whole thing stinks - and if it this is proved to be a HOAX - i hope they pay big time

1793 days ago


It's sad the Japanese mother got hooked up with an American lunatic as she was likely isolated from her own family a long time ago and is now in the process of losing complete face with this potentially criminal nonsense with her husband. She likely has no self-esteem whatsoever after living with this beyond-eccentric-man for so many years and it is obvious after seeing the rap video with those young boys swearing that she has little or no control over these young male children due to the erratic influence of their crazy father. If a mother can't control the activities and behavior of sons under the age of 15 years, she'll never have a chance as they move through the remaining teen years. Sometimes these foreign-born wives who are drawn-in by American males and, especially, those in the military have not an inkling of the real situation they are getting themselves into as they become totally dependent upon the guy in a country so far away from their family and native homeland.

1793 days ago


Yes, these people are idiots.
But you know who else are idiots?
Everyone watching reality TV and deciding that the average jerk on the street has a God given right to be a celebrity. Is obsessing over Jon Gosselin really the most interesting and productive way to spend one moment of the only life you've been given? Really? That's the best you can do?

This idiot family is only trying to take advantage of a dumbed-down culture that we created. Really? I Love New York on VH1? Watching crap like that is how you spend your nights? Really?

Meanwhile, the authorities must throw the book at these clowns. If they get a slap on the wrist, that'll enable thousands and thousands of more reality-show wannabes with no talent other a desire to be famous. And if you think I'm full of crap, check yourself the next time you're standing in line at the supermarket and reading InStyle Magazine and reading about Khloe Kardashian.

The Hennes may be idiots, but we created them.

1793 days ago


The stupid turkey would have gotten away with it clean, if he hadn't taken and posted video of the launch.

1793 days ago


QUOTING #3 AKA LANCER THE LOSER: "thay need to put this kid >Falcon Heene< in jail!!! for lieing to the world!! PUNK KID"
Posted at 2:49AM on Oct 18th 2009 by lancer

LANCER, you dumb-a*s, little sh*t, are you a complete moron?! the kid is 6 years old and was co-erced by his bullying, fame-whoring father. he did not plan this, he was used and abused by the father, for the father's personal gain!!! are you that stupid that you cannot see this??? it appears so, after reading your barely literate response.

it is the father and possibly the mother that should have their a*ses tossed in jail or heavily fined, not a six year old child!!!

1793 days ago


so, wait. Does this mean he doesn't have a computer now. Which would mean he doesn't have the internet anymore either? Poor guy how in the world is he gonna lie thru his teeth now???

1793 days ago


I wonder what else they'll find on that harddrive?

1793 days ago

Fred Farkel    

HELLO?? McFLY?????

These people are guilty of nothing except **BEING STUPID**

These keystone cops actions (lest we forget... it's the same region as Jon Benet Ramsey) can produce nothing but some ridiculous infraction(s)... the penalty(ies) of which will be laughable.

1793 days ago
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