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Gosselin and Glassman Play Kissy Face

10/18/2009 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman arrived to a dinner date at The Oak Room in New York in a horse and carriage.


That loud explosion you just heard would be Kate Gosselin's head exploding.


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wow i am surprised how many times the word douche and douchebag were used. trust me, i am not a jon OR a kate fan. i was just glad balloon boy kept them out of the news for a while. anyway, i am just wondering if his hands are covering his crotch for a reason?

1838 days ago


Jon and Kate plus 8 - Terms of the Divorce

You watchin' Maggie hon?

Love Madeleine (Mady)

1838 days ago


Hey Maggie - you'll love this Hon...Kate Breaks down. Leave Kate Alone! LMAO

Love Madeleine (Mady)

1838 days ago


"7. Kate doesn't even care about this ??? She will find a very nice man one of these days and we will see then how smart mouthed some of you are.Posted at 3:33PM on Oct 18th 2009 by Frann"

Oh but hon she already has, she is screwing her bodyguard which she can no longer afford since she can no longer use her kids as a source of income.

Funny how when she was out she had a bodyguard and yet when she was out with the kids...NO BODYGUARD! Makes total sense doesn't it?

1838 days ago


I, too, used to think that Kate acted like a cow on the show. However, now that I see how Jon carries himself, well, I totally understand her attitude. Jon, you're not divorced, you're in the public eye groping your girlie-friend for the world to see and you're spending stupid money on stupid things. Get a grip, boy. Jon obviously needs a stern hand to lead him; he's useless otherwise.

1838 days ago


Jon IS grrrr8888888888!!!! CONTROLLING kate IS a JACKEL!!!!
She goes on TV boo hoo hooing, coz she can't pay her bills, then get YOUR ass out to work, don't put your kids out to work!! Thank God, Jon got away from your piss poor attitude, looks, CONTROLLMENT, CONTROLLING kate, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1838 days ago


"funny how when she was out she had a bodyguard and yet when she was out with the kids...NO BODYGUARD! Makes total sense doesn't it?"

What doesn't make sense is why you keep repeating a you think if you repeat it enough it will be true? Kate must be a wonderful person or you wouldn't be so hell bent on trying to convince people she isin't.

1838 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Jon Gosselin is pure evil - evil personified.

1838 days ago


Hailey Glassman interview on Asian men.

This one's for you Maggie hon.......ya diggin' it? LMAO


1838 days ago


138--um Lizzie dear,Kate doesn't have to go back to work. Remember, they ordered Jon to put the money back. Don't you worry about Kate, just drop your love donation to Jon at the Glassmans (cash only)

1838 days ago

juli seutter    

I am going to vomit!!!!!!!!

1838 days ago


First of all, he needs to think about his kids... they don't need to see this plastered on the cover of a tabloid or magazine, which we all know it will be. Secondly, he sure doesn't seem to be minding/hating the paparazzi spotlight now. And seriously, a realiy show with Michael Lohan??? Yeah, cause THAT will sure help his reputation...

1838 days ago


I don't condone adultery, but that's what Jon is committing, because he is still married.

A lot of people are mad at Jon for having a girlfriend. Kate filed for divorce from Jon. In other words, she told him that she didn't want to be with him anymore. So, he left.

People keep saying that Jon needs to be home with his children. What home are they talking about? The house where TLC does the filming, is where Kate lives with the children and she doesn't want him there. See how she reacted about him going to Cara and Mady's birthday party. She didn't want him to spend the night.

The other house is on the market for sale.

If Jon stayed in Reading and rented an apartment, people would have had a problem with that as well.

Maybe living in a different state is good for Jon. Who knows, if he stayed in Reading, one of Kate fans probably would have tried to find out where he lives and kill him. I know people will think this is crazy, but look at their reaction online. Some of her fans wished death on the man. Don't think for one minute that they wouldn't kill him, if they had a chance.

Wait until Kate's secret comes out. I wonder how many of her fans will still be a fan of hers. I strongly believe that Kate had cheated on Jon. She already has cheated on her ex-fiance, a man that she would going to make a vow to, in the front of God.

A real woman wouldn't cheat period.

A real man wouldn't cheat period.

People note this fact, just because there aren't pictures of Kate and Steve kissing, etc. it doesn't mean that they aren't having an affair.

I have made a mistake on the Radaronline site yesterday and said that people from Pennsylvania stated that there's public record that Steve and Gina is divorced as of April 2009. I've even asked any Kate fans from Pennsylvania to go check out the record to make see if it's correct. But, they had to be honest and tell the truth.

I've corrected my mistake and let Kate lovers know that it people's from Maryland that stated that, because Steve is from Maryland.

Kate fans wanted me to prove this. I was stated what people have said about Steve and Gina. I don't have the court records and I am not going to pay for them. If Steve and Gina are really divorce, it will come out.

I don't care what anyone says, I find it strange that Steve doesn't wear a wedding ring. Just because Gina and their children went with him to Kate's pool party, doesn't mean they are still married. Gina could have been paid to show up and pretend she's still with Steve. Stuff like this happens.

Kate is calling Jamie Ayers her best friend in the whole world. I thought that Gina Neild was her best friend.

Not too long ago, Kate went to a mall with another bodyguard and it's reported that she was bossing him around.

Steve doesn't even look happy in the pictures he's in with Kate. I guess she bosses him around as well.

People want to complain about Jon having fans come to the gate to take pictures with him and get autographs.

How come there aren't any pictures online of Kate taking pictures with fans?

Jon is always taking pictures with fans. Radar shows a picture, where Jon took with his fans, in the same above story.

Is Kate too good to take pictures with her fans? I've read that she's mean to her fans.

Kate's secret is coming out soon.

1838 days ago

Sherron Teal    

Julia you must be deaf dumb and blind if you blame Kate for everything, a marriage takes two not one person to make it work, Jon wanted out because remember he missed his twenties because he had all these children and now he is trying to act like a teenager, not only is he a liar, thief, sleeze ball horror, but he is probably one of the worse fathers on the planet! Kate is at home with her children acting like a grown up, I suggest you grow up as well Julia obviously you have SERIOUS PROBLEMS!!

1838 days ago


Is Kate too good to take pictures with her fans? I've read that she's mean to her fans.

ARCH: Love ya, but Khate does have pics taken with her fans - only she charges $20 for the them. Ahem, cash only! Probably charges another $50 to smile too:)


1838 days ago
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