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LiLo Burglary Suspect Losing Friends Fast

10/18/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's amazing how quickly your famous friends will dump you when you're accused of stealing ... from famous people.


Nick Prugo (right), who cops believe was a part of celeb burglaries of Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge, was spotted out last week with Nickelodeon star Drake Bell (left) and Playboy Cyber Girl Tess Taylor (hot chick). But each of them tells TMZ they see Nick in a whole new light now.

Tess tells us, "I have known Nick for many years but have decided to distance myself after his recent incident. I really don't agree with his choices or the people that he has surrounded himself with. Drake Bell and I were at the Roosevelt when I happened to run into Nick inside. That picture of us three was taken as Drake and I were leaving, and it's pretty obvious Nick followed us out to get his picture taken. I am embarrassed to have ever been his friend."

Drake wasn't quite as harsh, saying, "I was introduced to Nick Prugo a while back from some of my friends. After we met I've hung out with him on different occasions, and he's even been over to my house a couple times. Sometimes when people have come to my house I've been wary of what they might do. With Nick I never felt that I had to be wary of him, but I'm definitely going to be careful now."


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Simone - number 1    


1800 days ago

Anony Moose    

Nick's got such a smug d*ck sucking expression on his face all the time. His body also is not proportioned correctly, as more obviously seen in surveillance camera footage. Hopefully he gets a few years prison time and raped in his butt.

1800 days ago

Simone - number 1    

It's difficult to find really good and trustworthy friends these days...

1800 days ago


Weary? The term I think you're looking for, Drake (or whomever quoted him), is WARY. Weary means tired, wary means concerned about something/someone. Unless you meant to say you found him tiresome, in which case, carry on.

1800 days ago


chef kooky
Keep up the good work. I know some people hate your recipes but I love them.

1800 days ago


I came here and now I'm leaving wanting mac n cheese

1800 days ago

A bunch of shallow pieces if sh*t!

1800 days ago


Does anyone proofread this stuff before it gets put up? There are all kinds of missing and misspelled words.

1800 days ago


She either meant 'wary' or 'leery'. I have heard people use 'weary' in this way and it drives me bananas.

1800 days ago


"Embarassed to be his friend?" She'd better be weary of him now if she wasn't before after dissing him. Not very smart of her, IMO.

1800 days ago


You have to wonder what's responsible for this submission's poor flow: the interviewee's grammar or the interviewer's editing.

The worst offense besides a couple of jarringly incomplete sentences is the weary vis-a-vis wary misuse. Is it Drake Bell's or TMZ's? If it's Bell's, you need to put (sic) behind it to indicate it is reported exactly even though it's wrong.

People get ticked off when you edit them, but for God's sake, TMZ is supposed to be a professional outfit and sometimes I think the lot of them never got past ENG 111.

1800 days ago


"Weary"? You mean "wary", Drake. These kids really need to attend a real high school, their on-set tutors obviously aren't doing much for them.

1800 days ago


The word is "wary". or did their encounters make him tired?

1800 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

He better have fun while he still has hair ...dude is gonna be pretty weary when he's a baldy...LOL..not ony that did he dye his hair it use to be kinda mousey reddish brown. I think he did Lilo if you read the magazine with her on the cover this week (I think OK) says that she goes to bed with these creeps only to wake up and find out they have robbed her!

1800 days ago


I'm "weary" of Drake trying to make people believe he is anything but a co*k swallowing homosexual!!! I'd be "wary" of his claims that he is straight! I've no doubt Nick has been to Drake's house, his bedroom in particular I'm sure. The only thing Drake needs to worry about Nick Prugo stealing from his Los Feliz home is one of his prize dildo's! Not conjecture, really, really, super gay!!!

1800 days ago
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