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DMX Goes Ballistic at Charity Concert

10/19/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He was late ... to a very important date ... and when he arrived, DMX went nuclear on security guards who wouldn't allow him perform at a charity event this weekend.

DMX: Click to watch
The rapper got into a screaming match with security when he arrived to a Colorado Springs concert nearly 90 minutes after security was told he was scheduled to perform. In the video, both sides can be seen going off on each other.

X, his bodyguards and fans eventually got into a shoving match with security in front of the stage, while the crowd -- who had already been told he wasn't going to show -- chanted "DMX! DMX!"

He eventually got on stage -- but the sound system was reportedly turned off so he couldn't perform.

Only DMX could turn a charity event into a melee.


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why didn't they keep that wild f'n pig in jail when they had him, it won't be long he'll be back where he belongs a$$hole

1794 days ago

amazon woman    

Typical.... always act like animals. This was a fund raiser, not HIS concert, he should've been on time. Nice example you set for your young fans. A$$hole! Come and go as you please and then cause fights over it, niiiice. Go back to jail!

1794 days ago


Charity for what or who? They were running a tight ship so must not have needed charity too much.

1794 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Very Classy Dude. First of all, show up on time for a charity event. Once it's too late for that, write a check and get the hell out. Don't incite a damn riot. His mommy must be very proud.

1794 days ago

matt Cordell    

please "shoot"

1794 days ago

Crushingame VP    

TMZ has some real stupid people on there page people that don't know what the hell they are talking about that were not even the I call them media stupid believe everything they see from the media I was there I am Brian Toney vise president of Cushingame car club I was the one was escorting X all day and who personally herd what was said to DMX's road manager about the time he wanted X to arrive at the show by the promoter John of Soulclay entertainment group the real in side store from some who was there will be posted by tomorrow tune in.

1794 days ago


WTF! He should get over himself. If he wanted to perform so badly then maybe and this is just a suggestion he should have shown up on time its called work ethic.

1794 days ago


What people are not understanding is. These big events need alot of people to make it happen. They are all on the clock making stage union wages. The cost to put on a show is enormous. When you think of all the crew running and loading the lighting and p.a., not to mention security. If an event is booked to go from this hour to that hour, you as a promoter are bound by contract to it. The agreement is also with union stagehands of how long they can work a specific job. They as promoters have to honor those agreements, or face very harsh penalty's. That's how it works plain and simple.

1794 days ago


Show up on time DMX. You are not that important. Be professional and keep your commitments. If you are late (even with a good reason) the show has to go on they cannot afford to wait. Make up the date another time if the delay could not be avoided.

1794 days ago


Get you FACTS STRAIGHT TMZ...DMX was not paid like he was supposed too, he was in fact on time!!! You should be pointing fingers at the company not DMX!!!

1794 days ago


DMX is always effn late, I stood for over a good hour waiting on him to perform at a car show once and at the last min he showed... He is known for that which sucks, but he put on a good show. They should have let his ass perform, hell the ppl wanted to see him. Crazyness mayne....

1794 days ago



TMZ wanted to say "DMX gets screwed by Promoter and sceurity @ Charity event", but since they knew no one would read that, they decided to run this article instead.

Just so everyone knows......

1794 days ago


* So basically the blame falls on John Guiterres of Soulclay Entertainment for calling DMX's people and telling him he'll be on at 11.

* The same John apparently didn't have the money to pay DMX when he shows up, and informed security to not let DMX in.

* Sound system was shut down when DMX tried to go on, again because the guy didn't have enough money to pay him for his appearance, despite using him as promotion for the event (probably due to poor attendance or whatever).

Dirty business and very unethical if I'm reading this correctly. Because even if he were late, you'd think that he would let him perform if everything were OK, right?

Very dirty business. Very easy for most reacting to this story to blame DMX and his security for this.

1794 days ago



1794 days ago


Shameful--teach him to tell time.

1794 days ago
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