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Smoking Gun Heene Gunning for Reality Show

10/19/2009 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why the Larimer County Sheriff in Colorado thinks Richard Heene concocted his balloon plan 2 weeks ago ... because this is the profile he posted on, hocking himself to casting agents and producers as the next big reality star.

Smoking Gun Heene Gunning for Reality Show

Heene created his profile on the website on September 28, 2009. So the posting dovetails with the Sheriff's theory.

Here's what's interesting. Although Heene described himself as research scientist, general contractor, high school educated, married, with children, male, and straight -- he didn't make a specific pitch for a specific show. The question -- why wouldn't he pitch the idea .... maybe because the core of the idea was a big hoax.


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He should be arrested right now with a huge bail amount. Get it done,Geeeez

1829 days ago


not second!

1829 days ago

Sad sad    

That site is lame. You have a better chance at winning the lottery. lol. That site basically tells you what is casting and you follow details. So he was probably looking for some work.

1829 days ago


Throw this big loser in jail, he acts like an idiot.

1829 days ago

Disturnin' Tha Peace    

Hey TMZ...I think you meant he was"hawking" himself...not "hocking" himself. Unless he was trying to pawn himself.

1829 days ago


I find this entire story unbelievable. This entire family is kooky. I feel this was done to gain fame. I do not understand this stunt. It is so way "out there". I think the family is way "out there" too. Slap him with a hugh fine or community work as well as the kids. I know they were only doing what they were told but it still does not make it right. Monkey see monkey do attitude with these kids doesn't make it right. Daddy seems too humerous regarding this matter. Wonders how he would feel if the services that were provided to search for the kid never took place. I bet he would be angry. My opinion and mine only!!!

1829 days ago


After seeing what he was like on Wife Swap, I don't see why any company would want to have him in a television show. I couldn't imagine having to work with him, or even be in his presence without wanting to punch him. I don't know if it was all a show, or that he really is that crazy. I am thinking it is the latter. I wouldn't really want to find out.

1829 days ago


He sounds like a real genius. TLC should sign this family for a reality show immediately.

1829 days ago


TMZ, you guys are turning him into a reality star

1829 days ago


Joe-El - you sick sicko. I didn't click on your link and I sure aint gonna. Perv.

1829 days ago


Joe-EI 1.37 you should be asking a friend that question..loser

1829 days ago



" research scientist"???????? This guy only holds a high school degree! HA

1829 days ago

too sad    

jail time and a fine
and compensate the wrecked field where the piece of junk landed .

1829 days ago


Go get em' tiger!

I'm not going to pass judgement on this guy or his family.

It was just a matter of time before somebody wanted in on the "reality" edge to television.

I mean you've exploited Octo Mom, Jon & Kate and their brood. No one is interested in movie stars anymore...same ol stuff, just a different day.

People want to see what "really" goes on around the globe. Not whats scripted.

Give the guy a break....jeesh......afterall, don't you get sick of reading about the fakies with the agents that cover up their crap?

Screwed up thing is that once Hollywood gets hold of this guy his story will be a movie of the week. So, I say let him have his day in the sun! We're all entitled.

Although it seems irrelevant it's all parallel.

1829 days ago


Just more crazy, looney liberals being crazy, looney liberals. They should all be put on a boat together and sent off to their own island of insanity!!

1829 days ago
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