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Richard Heene -- He Had Just Enough Rope ...

10/19/2009 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Heene -It may be the least of his problems, but TMZ has learned the FAA is investigating whether Richard Heene released a tethered balloon without authorization, according to an FAA official.

In addition, the FAA is looking at whether Heene filed a false report with the agency.

Neither offense is criminal ... they're civil issues and the penalty is a fine.


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A fine? He's poor trailer trash.

1798 days ago


Ugh stop covering this guy.

1798 days ago


I don't think he is that poor his house looks nice how is he getting his money? Is the house and vehicles paid off? Get more dirt on this guy TMZ. I think he should defiantly have to sign a paper where he cant profit from any of this.

1798 days ago


if this idiot's only goal in life is to get some press, TMZ is sure going out of their way to accomodate him.

balloon up balloon down, kid lied. end of story

friggin move on already

1798 days ago


bloggers check out you can post anonymouscomments about anyone, celebs, co-workers, exes, you don't have towait for an article to comment. Start your own topic or people

1798 days ago

The Seer    

"Neither offense is criminal ... they're civil issues and the penalty is a fine."

Not YET, anyway. I highly doubt interfering with air traffic is a civil matter. More like Federal.

I am convinced Mr. Heene is a narcissist and a sociopath. Seriously. I just hope he doesn't get off with light fines and sentences because he's a card carrying wackadoo.

1798 days ago

Black Power    

As much as American people love reality TV, surely somebody will give this guy his own show, and guess what? People will watch it. I don't get why people are so interested in other people's lives, but there is a market out there for stupid shows.

1798 days ago


I sure hope the family whose WHEAT CROP was ruined because of this idiot and his family will sue the pants off of them! It's a crop that only is harvested every two years and that jiffy pop balloon landed in their field. Then all the emergency vehicles drove all over it to rescue the kid that wasn't there.

Karma is a bitch!

1798 days ago

doc murry    

I can tell that michael jackson is somehow involved in this mess,,it has wacko's fingerprints all over it,,we need to digg up jackson so the police can question him properly,,and see if his fake nose is still glued to his face too...

1798 days ago


Well the jackass is famous now because TMZ won't stop posting about it. That's just what the jackass wanted. So he should thank TMZ for his fame.

1798 days ago

hoping he gets the max    

And a fine it shall is just a ridiculous stunt,nobody was harmed, thankfully. I watch the news and see so much true crime, and so many sad endings, that I am just grateful little Falcon is alive.I would rather this be a hoax, then to have heard that it was real and the lil boy was hurt or worse!I would rather watch 4 hours of hoax then 4 hours of what the real world offers, so it is a refreshing story afterall. Heene's should have to pay fines, but jail is for hard core criminals. As far as domestic violence is concerned, what does Mrs. Heene say? Leave that for another time so long as she says she and her kids are doing well.

1798 days ago


charges or not - make them PAY BACK $$$$$FIRST !

1798 days ago


TO #20, Jim, he IS poor. The house is a rental and they are very deep in debt. He is unemployed (he does odd jobs occasionally) and the wife doesn't have a job either. They are pathetic.

1798 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Snowman melting
From the inside
Falcon spirals
To the ground
So bloody red
Tomorrows clouds

A little piece of you
The little piece in me
Will die
For this is not america

1798 days ago

A Person    


1798 days ago
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