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Balloon Fam -- Reported to Child Services Before

10/20/2009 6:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard HeeneTMZ has learned Richard Heene was reported to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services several years before the "Balloon Boy" hoax.

The information comes directly from Heene himself -- who hand-wrote the revelation in a 2006 request for a restraining order he filed against a guy who worked for his production company in 2004.

In the docs, Heene explains how Matt Wineroth reported him to DCFS sometime before March 2006. It's unclear what allegations Wineroth made in the report.

But here's where it gets crazy -- Heene claims Wineroth only filed the "erroneous" report in retaliation for an incident in 2004 ... when Wineroth was arrested on suspicion of stealing computer records from Heene's company.

In the docs, Heene says he needed the restraining order to get Wineroth to "stop falsely reporting derogatory information to agencies who have an interest to conduct investigations resulting in wasting my time."

In the end, Heene's request for a restraining order against Wineroth was eventually dismissed because Richard was a no-show in court.


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1832 days ago


It's a complicated situation...

1832 days ago


Poster number two is missing brain cells.

1832 days ago


Very complicated.

1832 days ago

mai le    

shame on them!!!

1832 days ago

This guy will kill one of his kids one day! If he doesn't kill his wife first.

1832 days ago


Leave Bubbles Gump alone!!!

1832 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Interesting. VERY INTERESTING! Thats about the time he bailed to Colorado! Heene talks in circles. We need to leave him alone now. He needs help! Desperate help! Doesn't anybody else see this?

1832 days ago

Sad sad    

Not surprised. What I am surprised at is why no one from wife swap cast or crew reported him.

1832 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

In this pic,it looks like he is in deep space somewhere. Scary

1831 days ago


From the 1st time I saw this 'Heeney-Hole', I thought he was unbalanced by the way he acted; MANIC! I bet as hyper as he gets, there's just as 'DARK' a side to this weirdo, which is scary. If this man doesn't get what he wants & is pressured into a corner, Lord only knows what he could do, especially to his wife & kids. This is the kind of crackpot that could decide that if 'anyone' is going to take his kids away, then he'll take them 'OUT' first. Now we hear there has been a domestic violence issue within the last year or so that didn't result in any charges being filed?? His wife is totally 'passive' & isn't going to do diddly-squat to 'protect' her children. She defers to this nutter r/e everything. She can't even make eye contact with anyone. Don't mean to sound dramatic but ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE!

I live in Florida where child welfare services are constantly screwing up. Then you hear about the family being the victims of homicide at the hands of their father(or sometimes, BOTH parents) & found in their beds by the neighbors. It's practically a weekly occurrence here. Sick of it!

GET THESE KIDS OUT OF THIS HOUSE! At least temporarily, until BOTH these 'cuckuboo's' can at least be given a psychological evaluation.

1831 days ago


Check it out!! It's the 'Balloon-Boy Game'- the object of the game is to see how much tax-payer money you can waste! lol!

Balloon-Boy flys throught the air shooting down objects! I'm sorry but this is FUNNY. Saw it on the news at HLN this AM.

Also, T-shirts out with the logo-'Balloon-Boy- All time hide & seek champion'.

Hmmmm...tell me 'Heeney-Hole' won't see any proceeds from this. I have an idea: Give the proceeds to the Heeney kids to make up for all the money they WON'T get from their parents to go to college because Dad has to pay restitution for the next 99 years!!

1831 days ago


So this guy, Heene, wants to be famous. Well don't you think that posting all of this stuff about him on TMZ is giving him exactly what he wants?????


1831 days ago


I really wish you guys would stop giving this idiot publicity. Its getting on my nerves going online and seeing his face.

1831 days ago


Dude is nuts.

1831 days ago
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