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Richard Heene: My Son's Like a Rocket, Man

10/20/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Heene thought about sending one of his kids flying through the air at high, uncontrollable speeds before -- though the first time, he didn't actually stage an elaborate hoax around the idea.

Richard Heene
TMZ has obtained a clip of Heene's Internet show -- which he also sold on DVD -- called "The Psyience Detectives." Heene often put his kids on the show, which featured Richard trying out his various crack pot scientific theories. His wife Mayumi also served as an editor.

In this particular clip, Richard shoots a 60lb rocket into the air and shouts, "60 pounds! That's like launching one of my little children" ... foreshadowing faux-flying-Falcons to come.

Unlike the balloon, Heene had full FAA approval for this launch.


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1829 days ago


Laughing like a crazy person. Douche-bag of the year award for rich henne.

1829 days ago


This family is getting all the publicity they have been seeking for all these years. But, is it good or bad for them???? I don't have an answer yet.

1829 days ago


Im no genius or anything, but arnt you guys just giving them what they want? More publicity, more "reality".

They wanted fame and apparently they are getting it.
Your adding fuel to the flame.
Even if it is trash about them, thats reality tv.

By keeping their name in the news, we are just giving them what they want, we are making them popular, which is what their goal was in the first place.

I hope its just 15 minutes of fame.

1829 days ago


OMG, can we move on now?

1829 days ago

scott stuiut    

Wasting thousands of dollars trying to seek publicity is an outrage. I hope he pays every dime back spent trying to rescue this child. Reality tv is going over the top and he will probably get his own show now meaning more publicity hounds will try to to his stunt. Then one day it will be real and everyone will ignore it thinking its just another hoax.

1829 days ago


I hope they make this autistic-asperger syndrome SOB pay for this. Lock the son of a bitch up and throw away the f'n key!

1829 days ago


Notice his kids are not wearing seat belts. How terrible.

1829 days ago


Richard Heene reminds me of Kurt Russell in that 80's movie called Overboard with Goldie Hawn. He looks and acts like the character in that movie.

1829 days ago

Science Defective    

Hot For Heene

1829 days ago


I noticed that seat belt thing too... f'ing lame...

1829 days ago

Hugh Jass    

This man is a child abuser; since the boy barfed he is likely a homo pederast, too. (Sorry, Harv, but some homos are in fact pre-erts, it's a fact.)

1829 days ago


How the hell does the average Joe Public get authorization from the FAA to launch a 60 pound rocket?

1829 days ago

Hugh Jass    

This man is a child abuser; since the boy barfed the father is likely a homo pederast, too.

(Sorry, Harv, but some homos are in fact pre-verts, it's a fact. Hadda fix the typo error here so y'all didn't think I was illiterate, okay? Like we know you are a buff homo, Harv, but not a pederast homo, right?)

1829 days ago


@holly... great. now i won't be able to watch 'overboard' without thinking of this guy LOL.

1828 days ago
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