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Dennis Quaid Avoids DUI by a Hair

10/22/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid is a lucky man ... because last night he was about 1 inch away from getting arrested for DUI.

Dennis Quaid: Click to watch
It happened at Philippe restaurant in West Hollywood early this morning. Quaid, his wife Kimberly and a friend walked outside and the valet had already brought the car up ... the motor was running.

They got in -- Quaid behind the wheel. It looks likes Quaid may have moved the car a foot when a cop pulled up alongside and urged Quaid not to drive.

Dennis responded that he didn't want to drive. The cop repeatedly said, "Get out of the car." Quaid responds, "What do you want me to do." Quaid then asked the cop if they could go back inside the restaurant and the cop said yes.

They went inside and came out a short time later to a waiting cab. The paps screamed "You don't want a DUI. You don't want to end up like Mel Gibson." Everyone, including Dennis, laughed and they drove away.


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1824 days ago


Spell check on the video!

1824 days ago


It's "Quaid", not "Quiad".
That is all.

1824 days ago

Jack the dog Fred the goat and ? the horse    

Now why didn't the cops do that for that Hills chic?

1824 days ago


Much better.

1824 days ago


Okay, this is ridiculous!! They freak out over the near death of their children, but risk their own lives by driving while intoxicated? Go ahead, make them orphans. Idiots.

1824 days ago

Fred Farkel    


That's fantastic.

Here in Detroit... if cops find drugs in the car, many of the cops will make you toss them down the sewer and let you go.

Think about it.

Makes good sense.

Dealers that throw massive drugs down the sewer have to leave town or get killed. Small time users lose $200 - $300 and don't get high this week.

No booking. No jail. No phony rehab. Just shut up and go home.

1824 days ago


Why dont cops stand in parkings lots of bars all night and just scare drunk people like they did here.?
I know cops in some small towns purposely wait outside/near a bar till someone turns ignition on so they can issue a dui ticket just to pay their police wages with the ticket issued.

1824 days ago


Maybe the story was written oddly or it is just the situation. Something does not seem right here.

Why wasn't he given a breathalyzer test? It could have been a big learning lesson for Quaid to get arrested before he actually drove and hurt or killed someone. ANd this is no laughing matter so I don't get why they all laughed. Why would his wife and their friend be getting in a car with him behind the wheel? remember, he's had drug probs in the past so he has an addictive personality. I think the cops should have stopped him and tested him.

1824 days ago

shawn spector    

God bless those cops! That's what they are suppose to do... PROTECT US (even if it's from ourselves)!!! A Miami cop would dish out the DUI just because. I thinks that cop should get an award!

1824 days ago


Funny thing about this is if that were you or I the cops would have waited until we pulled out on the road and charged you with DUI. Do I think this was nice of the cop..sure. But it's only because he is a star.

1824 days ago


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1824 days ago


His wife and the other woman were just as wasted. I know if that happened to me or my husband...just mere mortals as we are that they would have arrested us. It seems alot of "celebrities" sometimes get away with stuff and maybe some of them should get in trouble so they hire someone to drive them because they can afford it. I agree with the fact that the twins almost died and here they are out drinking and driving.

1824 days ago


Still an idiot. Without the cops intervention he would have driven.

1824 days ago


SPEAKING OF DUI'S.....A (7)Seven time convicted DWI Offender was released from Jail with not one restriction. Not an ankle bracelet, not a breath-divice for her car...Nothing.....Contact the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and demand the disbarment of St. Clair County Illinois States Attorney Robert Haida for the Release. "THE IMPROPRIETY IN THE RELEASE OF A DWI CONFICT IS A DWI TRAGEDY"

1824 days ago
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