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Dennis Quaid Avoids DUI by a Hair

10/22/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid is a lucky man ... because last night he was about 1 inch away from getting arrested for DUI.

Dennis Quaid: Click to watch
It happened at Philippe restaurant in West Hollywood early this morning. Quaid, his wife Kimberly and a friend walked outside and the valet had already brought the car up ... the motor was running.

They got in -- Quaid behind the wheel. It looks likes Quaid may have moved the car a foot when a cop pulled up alongside and urged Quaid not to drive.

Dennis responded that he didn't want to drive. The cop repeatedly said, "Get out of the car." Quaid responds, "What do you want me to do." Quaid then asked the cop if they could go back inside the restaurant and the cop said yes.

They went inside and came out a short time later to a waiting cab. The paps screamed "You don't want a DUI. You don't want to end up like Mel Gibson." Everyone, including Dennis, laughed and they drove away.


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This guy's dumber than I used to be. Only luckier because he's a "star". Hollywood. The Land of the Hypocrites. I hate everyone. Have a nice day.

1825 days ago

Maureen Heim    

I agree with alot of the other comments:

They freak out over the near death of the kids, GET A NICE FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT, then risk their lives and the lives of others by almost driving drunk!

If he's had adddiction problems before, he'll have them again. Addiction is a disease -- you don't just get over it; once you have it, you have it!

And, yes it is no laughing matter and they are all laughing in the end -- he's lucky!

Also, the drunk friend totally didn't get that the cameraman was referring to Mel's DUI -- not his marital troubles. She says something like, "Dennis & Kimberly are in love.. they will stay together!" I kind of chuckled at that!

1825 days ago


That's total CRAP!

In California, if a cop finds you in the driver's seat and the keys are in the ignition and you are drunk, you get a DUI. I know people who had NO intention of driving, where just sitting in the driver's seat, keys in the pocket and still got a DUI.

Must be good to be a celebrity.

That cop should be reprimanded!

No different rules for celebrities...that's total CRAP!

1825 days ago


Anyone but a celebrity would have just been busted for a DUI. Celebrity justice is so infuriating.

1825 days ago


What an IDIOT Dennis Quaid is! He has been addicted to alcohol in the past - aside from cocaine - and now he is drinking loads again???

Get yourself in rehab now, mr Quaid!

Man I feel sorry for his three kids! What a really bad example for his 17 year old son!

1825 days ago


IN REPLY TO #9 named (by Quiet)

Why don't cops stand in parking lots of bars all night and just scare drunk people like they did here.?
I know cops in some small towns purposely wait outside/near a bar till someone turns ignition on so they can issue a dui ticket just to pay their police wages with the ticket issued.
My God, most of you people must be from another country other than America.
Because it's hard to understand why an American over the age of six would ask such a inane question.

Not only can police be sued by the proprietors of drinking establishments for intimidating their customers by posting up in or on their property. But it is against the law and any arrest made would be thrown out of court.

Unless someone is staggering out of a club and is visibly inebriated there's a little something called PROBALE CAUSE.
Probable cause simply means that there is a suspicion that someone is or about to break the law without probable cause, the police are not supposed to interfere with a person's activities.

Just because you walk out of a drinking establishment does not mean you are drunk.
You must show some indication that you are.
I know people that can drink an entire fifth of vodka and you would not know that they have had even one drink. It is called handling your liquor, and not your liquor handling you.
Which is something you children of today cannot seem to manage.

Without probable cause it is unlawful for the police to pull over any one, they would be ones in violation of the law. They sometimes do it any way nonetheless they would still be in violation of the law.
And a good lawyer could easily get the case thrown out of court.

If you're going to be an American, or live in America, at least know the laws and your rights......ARTOFWAR

1825 days ago


Were the cops just waiting for him ...? I hate drunk driving as much as the next person, but holy moly, are cops waiting outside restaurants now?

1825 days ago


I don't get it. Why did the cops stop him at all? Since he didn't drive very far, it couldn't have been obvious to the cop that he was drunk (as opposed to swerving, running a light etc).

1825 days ago


Dennis is the same guy you felt sympathy and heartache for when his two babies were negligently given a blood thinner at Cedars Hospital and nearly killed them. Now the man gets behind the wheel of a car, along with his wife no-less, blasted to the gills and will negligently take to the road where he could kill himself his wife and passenger and maybe two other people with kids at home.
Count the number of human lives affected but his act of negligence.
He got off easy...a little PR problem. Take this to your Lucky Vault because you did get lucky. Disaster

1825 days ago


with all the cameras about, if the cops did anything more harsh they'd be hated by all present.

1825 days ago


It's just another case of the man keepin a bruthah down......double standards ya'll.

1825 days ago


First of all...the camera guy is ANNOYING with his ass-kissing tone. Why didn't HE say anything to Dennis instead of brown-nosing him? Instead he commends his actions throughout the's disgusting. It's obvious Dennis was having a hard time walking as he was holding onto the truck the entire walk around...I'm not saying that the camera man should police things, but come on - ever hear of civic duty? Camera man - get your head out of the celebrity's ass and ask some REAL questions like, "Hey Dennis, we can see you're a little too impaired to drive, do you think you should be getting behind the wheel and endangering the lives of others?"

1825 days ago


Hahaha drunk driving is so funny.

1825 days ago


The sad part of this whole story that if the cops didn't show up and tell to put his car in park and get out of the car- He would have drove his car highly intoxicated putting not only his life, his wife's and the other woman in the car but everyone else on the road that would be driving near him. What an ass!

1825 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Hey, dumb, drinking Dennis: You think it's okay to drink and drive?! What's it gonna take to smarten you up?

And those girls certainly lost their exhuberance after the cops showed up!

1825 days ago
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