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ESPN Analyst's Hookup - Keep Him Away from Me

10/23/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brooke Hundley filed for a restraining order against married ESPN analyst Steve Phillips ... just ONE DAY after she dropped a letter off at his house which basically said they were meant to be together.

Brooke Hundley
In the document -- filed on August 20 in Connecticut -- Brooke claims while at a hotel back in July, Steve "bought me a strong drink and then cornered me ... trying to persuade me to come to his hotel suite to spend the night."

Brooke claims Steve called her hotel room until she agreed to see him, then "after the night he continued to text me on a regular basis with inappropriate things." Brooke says she "tried to get him to stop" but again agreed to meet up with him "a few times after work in the parking lot."

That line is extra interesting, because in the note Brooke left for Steve's wife the day before, she wrote, "I'm not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots."

Brooke also claims Steve tried to ruin her career after word got out that they were sleeping together -- calling her a "slut" and saying he would get her fired if she spilled the beans to his wife.

Hundley withdrew the complaint September 15 -- that same day, she posted this on her Facebook page: "I've seen evil and he wears khaki pants and bright blue polos. Out of court, and back to basketball."

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Have men learned nothing from Fatal Attraction?

1773 days ago


His wife must have thought this was a joke. Seriously, this girl looks like every girl in high school who never had a date, which is NOT to say she's ugly but it IS to say that she probably doesn't get up early every day to do her makeup and hair before going to work. No effort EVER to be the least bit attractive. If I was the wife, I would laugh in her face and in his face, and say "GO AHEAD, HE'S ALL YOURS". Reminds me of John Edwards, he didn't trade up, either.

1773 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I don't get it. I've posted twice and it hasn't posted. What the heck is wrong, TMZ?

1773 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

This is maddening. Ok. For the fifth time.

Was anyone able to read from the link TMZ gave on this story? I tried it and got nothing but a blank sheet with a black line at the top.

1773 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Why was that so difficult, TMZ? Why did it take five attempts to get that question through? I had to keep rewording the same question to get it to go through. Are there words in that request that trouble you?

1773 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Phillips deserves the "Bonehead of the Year" award on so many levels, but (now, I am going to get really petty here)if you're going to cheat, do it with a hot chick, not some skank! It certainly doesn't make it right or better, but it would make the whole thing a little more understandable!

1773 days ago

Tony B    

Re: FRED FARKEL: I know exactly what you mean. It kills me to see so many married women who don't want to have sex with their husbands.

I just don't get it!

I'm a young single guy, gay, and I would LOVE to have a man to enjoy every night!

It just makes me cringe whenever I hear some of my friends jump through flaming hoops to come up with excuses not to make love to their guys.

I just don't get it. Again, I would work SO hard every night to please my guy, and enjoy EVERY second of it!

PLEASE ladies! Next time your guy is in the mood, and you don't feel like it: STOP!

Take a second, take a deep breath, and try to step outside yourself. Realize how lucky you are to have a guy, and one who wants to have fun with you!

You may just surprise yourself!

1773 days ago


Young, dumb, full of some...you know what.

1773 days ago


Hmmm...she's not cute...and certainly not very petite, is she?

1773 days ago


Here's another guy like Letterman, who has questionable taste in women.

1773 days ago


Oh my god...that chick is HEINOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought Ben Rothlesberger was slummin it with that skank he was with, but this cow really takes the cake.

1773 days ago


My boy learned nothing from me... at least I was hassling hotties, not being a chubby chaser. ESPN is a swinging place!!

1773 days ago


Sounds about right. Old guys can be very persistent and overbearing and disgusting. They delude themselves that they are so sexy to young women, but they aren't. They pick women they can control, like their assistants or interns. Oh, and he is no great beauty either.

1773 days ago


When are some men going to learn? A piece of tail is not worth losing everything dear to them. I think a blow up doll should suffice, should they need a little something extraJ
What a goof! I feel for his wife.

1773 days ago


I'm not sure this girl is telling the truth. I have a hard time believing this guy would touch her with a ten foot pole. She is messed up in more ways than one. She's a nut case.

I'd love to see a picture of his wife, I hear she is a real looker.

1773 days ago
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