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Octomom's Pregnant Sister Act

10/23/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Halloween more than a week away, Octomom Nadya Suleman became OctoNun by playing dress up ... for the paparazzi still camped outside her house on Thursday.

The 34-year-old wombinizer put on her favorite maternity nun costume and dressed her youngest eight kiddies as little devils.

Wonder how Kate Gosselin is gonna top this getup.


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Lippy Loo    


1803 days ago


She needs to fall into a volcano.

1803 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    


NO MORE! NEVER AGAIN! NADA! octo-PIG, octo-FREAK, octo-M0RON, octo-NUT, octo-LEACH, octo-FONEY, octo-GREGIOUS, octo-LUNATIC, octo-FRAUD, octo-LEACH, octo-ABUSER, octo-puke, octo-SLEAZE, octo-SKANK, octo-MOOCH

UNLESS she has been ERADICATED (like the poison she is) ... THERE IS REALLY NO REASON TO (ever) PUBLISH ANYTHING -- (seriously, EVER) ON her.

the only thing ANY of us wants to read (about OCTO-BARF) ... is HER OBITUARY.

Absent THAT, do us ALL a FAVOR -- forget she ever existed.

1803 days ago


Nadya u go girl. U got what it takes to keep them looking for you.
The babies r awesome and doing great. Make your money sista. All the haters, well they r making theirs..some how. I wonder what they will bring out of their closets for Halloween. All the haters wish they could make a living like u. If only they understood God will bless u regardless of what they have to say.
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1803 days ago


She only want attention, she did not come with the other children forward because the octuplets made her famous. So it not a such deal to show the other. Shame on her. Did she ever think about the posibility of al those children to reach college?

1803 days ago


I am so tired of this attention seeking whore! Why is tmz giving her any time? Please stop!!!

I wonder if she took the time to explain to her school aged children why this was supposed to be funny?

1803 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Doesn't she have, like 6 more kids? Where are they?

1803 days ago


1. Hot mama? She's a freak. The "Angelina" plastic surgery should tip you off that she's delusional too. 2. The pregnant nun ceased to be funny about 20 yeas ago. 3. Those babies are anything but "little devils." Too bad she couldn't dress them as little meal tickets to a reality show. 4. Is there anyone who doesn't think that each of those babies would be better off with a married couple desperate for a child?

1803 days ago


That IS disturbing on so many levels and definitely, even to this non-Catholic, highly offensive. A nun's habit would be borderline but a PREGNANT nun (thus violating the vow of chastity0 with 8 little "devil" offspring and pregnant, presumably, with more crosses the line bigtime

No wonder she hates Kate Gosselin so much. Kate has the reality show that Suleiman desperately wants. Kate's not perfect; no one is, but Suleiman will never accept that, unlike Kate, Suleiman is just too strange even for reality TV which is saying volumes.

1803 days ago

dianna wells shire    

Inappropriate and disrespectful to God.

1803 days ago


She needs to go away. I'm not religious at all, by all means im not offended by the costume, im just sick of HER. But the babies are cute.

1803 days ago

making a change    

Hey blessings 14, yeah you trailer trash. You can burn in hell too. Talking all kinds of smack. Go back to where you came from loser, SISTA!!! The word is disgusted not hater, but your to stupid to see the difference.

1803 days ago


To The F$@!ing public. No mom is perfect every mom dose some stupid things in there life's raise'in kids do they not. looks at (john & kate) Nadya need help like every mom out there. its not need to put her down. what make's you all so good let us all know. so till then get a life.

1803 days ago


Sick sick bit*h, Nuns give of themselves their whole lives to helping others. This is NOT funny and anyone who thinks it is, is as sick and twisted as that complete idiot is. I am Catholic and trust me when I say this is NOT funny.
And anyone who thinks celibacy begins and end with JUST no sex or romance is sadly mistaking, it goes one hell-of-a lot deeper than than that. And perhaps if suleman hadn't been so busy stripping and getting naked in the back of limosines she might qualify to kiss the HEM of a nun's habit.

1803 days ago

Snarky One    

Why are you enabling this (fame) whore. WTF cares!?

1803 days ago
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