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Brad Pitt in

Minor Motorcycle Accident

10/24/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 1:37 PM PT: We just spoke to someone who has seen video of the incident -- and we're told absolutely no one else was involved in the accident.

We're told Brad tried to maneuver his bike between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light, and his handlebars clipped the parked car.

We're told he lost control and fell over -- and everything is fine.

TMZ has learned Brad Pitt was involved in a minor motorcycle accident moments ago in Los Angeles.

A witness at the scene tells us Pitt was trying to weave in between cars while at a red light --- but he lost control and fell off the bike.

We're told he got up and moved the motorcycle to the side of the road then ran into an apartment building.

Our witness says he waited for someone to come pick him up and now he's no longer at the scene. Pitt left his motorcycle behind.


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VERY interesting take on him leaving the scene.

Does sound a little "weed"-ie.

1791 days ago


I see this kind of thing all the time -- motorcycle riders who think they don't have to obey the rules of the road. They zip up the highway between lanes of traffic, ride in bicycle only lanes, make dangerous lane changes...The guy's an idiot.

1791 days ago


Nice try TMZ. Brad wiped out when a PAP cut him off. You guys are gonna kill someone one of these days.

1791 days ago


Surprised? look at disgusting beared just the weight of it will bring a grown man down!! Not a good look Brad!!!!

1791 days ago


The next National Equirer, "Angie screams at Brad, "Our children will be without a father!" or "Angie is worried sick about Brad and his past time of riding motorcycles. That is why she is down to skin and bones."

1791 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Why do Hollywood Millionaires always think they are bikers? Obviously he's out of his element on a bike. Way to go Brad, gouge the crap out of somebody's car with your mirror and flee into an apartment building. Nice.

1791 days ago


Shiloh Pepin died yesterday and you guys haven't even reported it!
Poor girl was only 10 years old!

1791 days ago


Guys! This article is a complete lie! There is video out there of what actually happened! TMZ is totally lying about this incident, it must have been one of their paps that caused it.

1791 days ago


If he left the scene of an accident, isn't that a crime? He did hit another vehicle, shouldn't he have left his insurance info or stayed to find the owner? Was he under the influence at the time?

1791 days ago


nvsusan said:

"I see this kind of thing all the time -- motorcycle riders
who think they don't have to obey the rules of the road. They zip up the highway between lanes of traffic, ride in bicycle only lanes, make dangerous lane changes...The guy's an idiot."

Well ANOTHER self-righteous poster who is completely clueless and who obviously does not ride.

1) traffic was STOPPED at a light
2) he wasn't "weaving"
3) he wasn't in any "bicycle lane"
4) he wasn't on any "highway"
5) he wasn't making any "dangerous lane changes"
6) That is LEGAL in California!

Have you ever accidentally clipped the bumper of another car in a parking lot or something? THAT is what happened.

You don't have a CLUE what you're talking about. You obviously have never ridden on 2 wheels. You obviously can't READ because you're making up strange accusations about the situation which never happened.

Sounds to me like you're just another angry, uptight, JEALOUS prisoner in your car-induced traffic jams!

1791 days ago


You know what?

Maybe he "left the scene" because his bike was damaged and he couldn't ride it away. Sounds pretty OBVIOUS, doesn't it?

Maybe the steering was screwed. Maybe the clutch lever broke. Could easily have happened.

1791 days ago


There are SO many f*cked-up ignorant dumbsh*ts posting about this.
You people have NO IDEA about riding motorcycles and what is legal.

That was a 100% LEGAL and non-dangerous thing that probably happened at very low speed because it was a red light.

Bottom Line: the VAST majority of motorcycle accidents are the fault of angry, uptight CAR drivers. Wanna bet there is WAY more to this story? Wanna bet that "press" were dangerously hounding him?
Remember Princess Diana?

1791 days ago

Money Talks    

Why mention that silly Dianna here, she's been dead for a long time and I certainly don't miss her at all. She was dumb and stupid, neglecting her children to run off with a playboy. Riding fast in Paris gave her a sense of importance and look where it took her. Enough about her, please, gimme a break.

1791 days ago


And this is why everyone hates bike riders.

They don't follow the rules of the road, they think they are above the law, and put everyone else's lives in danger as well. I cannot fathom how many times I have been almost side clipped by some jerk off on a bike trying to pass me in some illegal way.

I guess this will teach him, probably not though.

1791 days ago

katie lady    

anything to get in front of the media.. how many times has TMZ shown him zigging and zagging... way too many.. he and brangie are a bore.

1791 days ago
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