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Billy Mays III: I Want to Be Haunted By My Father

10/26/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy MaysBilly Mays III -- the late pitchman's son -- is hosting a Billy Mays costume contest for Halloween in honor of his dead father ... and get this, zombie Billy Mays submissions are encouraged.

Little Billy posted the following on his website:

"Halloween is approaching rapidly and it goes without saying that "deceased celebrities" (and balloon boy) will most likely be a huge theme at every gathering.

There will no doubt be a multitude of people dressed as Billy Mays (or zombie Billy Mays).. it is one of the easiest costumes of all time to put together. (Beard, blue button-down, khakis, prop product, etc..)

Billy wants people to send him pics of their Billy getups -- the winner gets a bunch of prizes ... including, of course, a tub of OxiClean.


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The Seer    

Okay. Yeah. Right. Whatever.

1826 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

Somebody stop me,But I had to say it, Did Little Billy get into Big Billys Cocaine...sorry

1826 days ago

no way    

guess everyone handles things differently but it seems odd to me

1826 days ago


He looks wasted in this photo..Mr Coke Himself...I hate phonys and he was a big phony trying to fool the public..Thank God for results from the funeral home..His act didnt last much longer..Found out in death mr billy boy ..the CORONER is THE Man

1826 days ago


thats nice he's got such a good attitude about this. he is remembering his father and celebrating him. his dad probably would get a kick out of people imitating him at halloween. i think its great and would like to see the pictures!

1826 days ago


Think what you want Billy-Bob Jr. but no one like your Dad or his commercials. He was a loud mouthed drud addict and everyone turned off his commercials the second they came on.
Halloween costumes ? Don't flatter yourself.

1826 days ago


Maybe Billy Sr. can yell (project his voice?) "JUPITER JACK" in the early morning hours and wake Jr. out of a dead sleep?

1826 days ago


Billy#3, don't listen to the haters. Your father was VERY entertaining. I miss his commercials. I miss his voice. They have some broad doing the oxy clean commercials now... it's just not the same!!!! Remember you dad however you want to. He was awesome!!

1826 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Rest In Peace:

1.Ed McMahon
2. Farrah Fawcett
3. Michael Joseph Jackson
4. Billy Mays
5. Walter Cronkite
6. Patrick Swayze
7. my grandpa

Damn, 2009 will be etched in history. My family will use Halloween as an excuse to worship the dead too. Especially #3 on the list. We're HUGE fans.

1826 days ago


I'm dressing naked for Halloween!

1826 days ago


It's funny how ignorant some of the people are who post here.

So he died coke.
So his son wants to do something, anything - to feel connected to him. So what if his son makes money, that IS what capitalism is about.

At least he didn't work at your church or school while molesting your children, work as a cop so he can tazer an 80 old lady, or perhaps get a job at a hospital and become an 'Angel of Death'.

Some of you people really need to get your villains sorted out or at a minimum get a better quality of aluminum for your hats.
...And for the love of evolution, STOP watching NASCAR, and Glenn Beck.

1826 days ago


Gotta love the humorous side of death. Good for him.

1826 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

to: Hotdog On A Stick... Settle down spaz

1826 days ago

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