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Beyonce & Jay-Z Get Real Tipsy

10/27/2009 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped $1200 on lunch at Nello's in NYC yesterday and left a $500 tip ... because they can.


Accompanied by an entourage of about ten bodyguards, we're told the music super tippers ordered white truffles, lobster salad and a bottle of Dom.

Think about that while eating your Mickey D's Happy Meal today.


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I will never go to movies, buy CDs or save for months to see them in concert. They are a gross injustice to mankind.

1793 days ago


I like fast food and home cooked meals over that fancy stuff anyways. I'm reading this while eating this great Popeyes chicken!

1793 days ago


Gosh this post is about how they drop that kind of cash in this economy on lunch. ANNONYMOUZ who cares who you love?
I love money do you care?
Go watch your Jaz-Z you-tube like a broke ass.

1793 days ago


Jay-Z is ugly, but he is comfortable with himself and well that's what counts. Plus, his looks didn't stop him from landing an awesome career/bank account and a hot wife. I can't say I'm too mad at him.

1793 days ago


I meant to say I will never contribute any type of money to anything that Beyonce and JayZ would profit from. I had to live off equal funds they spent on one lunch for almost 16 years and I worked hard.

1793 days ago


you guys are just jealous that it wasnt you that got that tip. if it were you you wouldnt be complaning that you dont like them or theyre money or anything, youd just be thanking your lucky stars that you got that kind of tip. theyre rich, if they want to spend all theyre money, let em. thats just less theyll have when they really need it.

1793 days ago


i don't hate them becuase they're rich. more power to them. and jay-z put a complete RUNNING WATER system in africa that saved a whole freaking city - he deserves that lobster salad.

1793 days ago


aaahhhh bastuds...whtie truffles and Dom??? god, I hate them. just kidding, I'm totally jealous...that is one classy lunch. good for hard and play hard.

1793 days ago


Good for them. They are a classy couple and aren't afraid to share thier wealth. Nice to see with so many trashy cheap celebrities around that behave in such greedy, self-entitled manners.

1793 days ago


Jay Z gives a mad amount of money to charities and he supports a lot of activities that help inner city youth. Plus he was very involved during the political races last year. Beyonce also gives a large amount of money and time to charities. Jay Z has earned over $500 million in his career and businesses and Beyonce is not far behind in her earnings. Both of them work extremely hard at their professions...why is it 2 African American successful people can not enjoy the fruits of their labor. Donald Trump just threw a lavish wedding for his daughter and no one said a word in disagreement about that? I am sure NO ONE needs a 10 million wedding or a dress by Vera Wang...but hey, it's their money

1793 days ago


u guys complaining about them spending on lunch forget to mentions the last part...they left $500 for another person

1793 days ago

Cest Moi    

Don't hate on Beyonce and Jay-Z! They ate a nice meal, and they left a HEFTY tip, to the benefit of the service staff.

Lookin good, bbs!

1793 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

And they still have putzes taking their picture while they're trying to enjoy lunch.

1792 days ago



1792 days ago


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1792 days ago
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