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Kate Gosselin -- I Want to be a Movie Star

10/27/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sick of seeing Kate Gosselin? Too bad, she wants to be in the movies!

Kate Gosselin: Click to watch
During last night's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" special, Kate announced her ambition to take over Hollywood -- but just in case that lofty dream doesn't pay off, she said there's already money put aside for the kids' college funds ... and nobody (i.e. Jon) can use it for anything else.

On the bright side: The mother of 8 also said she doesn't plan on getting married again soon.


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Yolanda Nixon    

Maybe she could do pr0n.

1801 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

If she makes porn, I will definitely see it.

1801 days ago


Go Kate!..... After watching the show a couple of times, I couldn't help but notice that she seemed a little pushy towards Jon. Now I know why! Jon is a major douche bag who is only into himself. What a stupid ass for stealing money from their joint account when Kate is the one who is housing those kids. Jon had no confidence before he was known and now that his whore Hailey knows he has some cash, he feels on top of the world.... Jon, yeah you stupid, no one wants you for your great personality. They just want your money ya dumb f*ck. At least Kate went to college and became a nurse, which is a highly respected career for ANY woman. What's Jon known for? Has he ever worked, except for that company which he claims he left because of insurance reasons. He needs to grow himself some balls and act like a real man. TEAM KATE

1801 days ago


I`ll put her in a movie, Katie smokes the pole, starring her and I, cause the bman said so

1801 days ago


Please can these two just go away. Media i'm looking at you. Stop the mediocre 'news' stories. We don't care anymore.

1801 days ago


Maybe Kate can practice for a hollywood role by staying home and playing MOMMY....please, she is a terribleactor as witnessed when she ncried on the Today show that she couldn't pay her bills....Does she realize she was the laughing stock of viewers. TLC put us out of our misery and get that woman off the the way did TLC write those sweet questions last night??? That episode was nothing more than self serving propaganda for nteam Kate...I am done and will only watych sane families like the Duggers and Roloffs. Neither of themn quit their jobs thinking they wold make a living in TV...WAKE UP GOSSELINS WE ARE SICK OF YOU

1801 days ago


What makes people automatically ASSume that their kids want to go to college? What if they have other goals? Do they still get the money that was supposed to be used for college? and stop talking about this family - we don't care!

1801 days ago

White guys love lil kids lmfao    

Kate + acting = FAIL! LMFAO Kate you should just leave the movie thing alone. You and your supporters should go back under the rock ya'll came from. She's a gold diggin whore. Why is it legal for her to pimp out her kids? Oh wait, women do that everyday just to live. We need more independent women in this world who will go get a JOB for her money. NOT leech off of men for their personal gain! You women that feel like a man should support your lazy azz before, during, and after your married should DO IT YOURSELF! My daughters will not be money hungry whore's like the rest of the women on this planet. They will WORK for their money just like men. Independent women like my mom should stand up and make this witch get a REAL JOB!

1801 days ago


I was flipping channels last night, and stopped to watch for a few minutes. It was all her, talking about her life, and answering supposedly 'viewer' questions. It was self-serving nonsense, and I turned it off after about 10 minutes. Kate, your days of fame are over. You are only a legend in your own mind. Move on. And I don't want to see you on TV without those kids again. You are conceited and talentless, and are ruining those kids for your own gain.

1801 days ago

me so horny    

This woman is just as disgusting as Octomom, they're both opportunistic media whores who had multiple births for money. Now they exploit their kids to the world for a fee, I truly do hope that other women will do the same and maybe america will see the wrong that it does to society. But as long as some network excutive can make a dollar, nothing will change. These people are no different than pimps and whores!

1801 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1801 days ago


Now both of these idiotic parents want to be movie stars..........They should take balloon boy and his family and all the other wanna be movie stars and take over the dimwit TLC network.

1801 days ago


I think kate should get a restraining order against her brother and sister inlaw... their in it for the money... its a bunch a garbage... this was all fueled by money in the beginning

1801 days ago


Someone needs to shoot her and put her out of my/our misery. She makes my ass so tired.

1801 days ago

Cats Pat    

Did anyone notice when she was talking about the wedding renewal show that the first thing she commented on, was the trip!!! The trip seems like it meant more to her than the vows!!

1801 days ago
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