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Arnold Klein Claims Partial Credit for 'This Is It'

10/29/2009 9:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein claims his medical treatments during the last three months of Michael Jackson's life were partly responsible for "This Is It."

Dr. Klein's rep is responding to the story we broke -- that he's filed a creditor's claim for services he performed on Jackson during the last 3 months of his life. Klein wants $48,522.89 for his services -- 179 procedures.

Dr. Klein's rep says the bills were all "valid medical treatment." The statement goes on ... "As anyone can see from viewing "This Is It," Michael Jackson looked great, and this was due, in part, to Dr. Klein's skill, hard work and dedication."

The statement addresses the weekend charge for medical services, claiming Klein needed to rent a helicopter to get to Jackson.

As we reported, on one Saturday Jackson went to Klein's office and got 4 I.M. Injections for a minor Restylane treatment -- we're told an I.M. Injection is typically a Demerol injection.

In the statement, Klein says he'll donate any money he receives from the estate to a charity that provides assistance to inner city kids with HIV.


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70. why does HAVERYYYY put all the fat guys on tmz live ?

id like to work at tmz so manyy sexxxxxxxxxxxy guy hopful there single!

Posted at 10:19PM on Oct 29th 2009 by sexgoddness

Yeah and Harvey is the sexiest!
forget it sexgoddness by the sound of you you wouldn't get a lick (of work) done.

They get their asses worked to death at TMZ.

1786 days ago


WTF! Next this fat ugly a$$ h$$e will claim he taught Michael to dance and sing! It's like supposed friends of his want us to fall all over them so they can be adored like Michael was, There was only one Michael Jackson so they need to just stfu!!!!

1786 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I will give this Dr. credit. He was a major asset to his profession, but now he is just a plain ass. He says he is Michael's friend? At what cost? If I were a Dr. and Michael were my long time patient and close friend, chances are I'd give Michael one heck of a break on procedures as friends do for friends. As for getting a payment for T I I Surely he jests! Between filters and a great makeup person, any flaws Michael may have had would be disguised by them and not by Dr. Happy Pants. I don't know what he is trying to do, but he is outting himself. He does not need the money. Let him take out some dinero and give it to charity himself.

1786 days ago


This guy along with everybody else is a real piece of work.

Next you will have that mark lester guy who claims to be the bio dad of paris making a claim against the estate.

1786 days ago


This guy is a Dermatologist, not a plastic surgeon. Getting rid of a few pimples did not make Michael look better. Who'll sue next his plastic surgeon? Oops, let me not give anyone any ideas.

Also, Klein is full of bull. Why bother hiring a lawyer and going through the trouble of sueing if he's just gonna donate the money to charity? The lawyer alone will cost him a pretty penny, and he would lose money, not gain it. Since everyone knows that he's all about making money, he wouldn't donate anything to anyone...unless he's the charity.

Also, Prince DOES NOT look like this man AT ALL!!!

1786 days ago


Klein is such a looser and will be losing his license to practice soon. Why doesn't he use restalyne on himself. He sure needs it. His face is as ugly as his greed and the personality he never had. Do some injections around your anus, so your boyfriends can tear you up. LOL

1786 days ago



I respect your opinion but one thing I must say is that MJ was a fifty year old man. I do not think that I could shake my tail feather the same way that I could when I was in my 20's, 30's or even my 40's.

One thing I do agree with you on is that Harvey is a hunk. :)

1786 days ago


WTF!!! this doctor, if he could be named as one, is totally crazy!!!
Now, we have to be thankful to him for MJ??? I think that he is taking too much drugs!!! He's totally insane!!!!!!

1786 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    

Go away false MJ claimants!

1786 days ago


gag me--- unless arnie klein has vitiligo then i wouldnt count on prince being his son. prince is adorable and arnie klien looks like he is mental or something is wrong with him, he slurs like he has no control of his speech. i still say michael is the bio dad and people are seeing differently what they want to. rip mj- sue from tampa

1786 days ago


It's insane that silly professional athletes are drug tested and Doctors are not drug tested

1786 days ago


The only way that Michael saw fabulous on "This Is It" is simply that he was and always will be fabulous and it has nothing to do with the bastard Dr. Klein.

Arnold Klein just wants money from Michael and not turned to children is desperate now and I'm not surprised that this collusion with the murderer of Conrad Murray

I have seen "This Is It" and Michael Jackson should not die in this way (killed)


La única manera que Michael se viera fabuloso en "This is it" es simplemente por que el era y será siempre fabuloso y eso no tiene nada que ver con el bastardo del Dr. Klein.

Arnold Klein lo único que quiere es el dinero de Michael como no le resulto con los niños ahora esta desesperado y no me extrañaría que este coludido con el asesino del Conrad Murray

He visto "This is it" y Michael Jackson no debía morir de ese modo (asesinado)


1786 days ago


My God, this man's a money hungry son of a bitch! JUST DIE YOU MISERABLE BASTARD!!

1786 days ago


Geez, won't these people ever stop riding on a dead man's coattails and just go away?

1786 days ago

Karen F. from Chicago    

This fool ain't got nothing else to do he not getting the little shine like when mike passed aint nobody ask the idiot to be on any shows no more and he still want 5minutes added to the 15 he had.

1786 days ago
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