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Michael Jackson's Former Manager Wants $$$

10/29/2009 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate has a new creditor to deal with ... and this one is interesting. Leonard Rowe, self-described manager of the singer, has filed a creditors claim for $51,218.

Michael Jackson/Leonard Rowe

Rowe says in legal docs on March 25, 2009, Jackson signed an agreement in which Rowe would "oversee and supervise his finances and the shows at the O2 Concert Hall in London..."

Rowe says this year, he incurred $51,218 in expenses which include hotels, car rental, food and airline tickets.

And, included in the legal docs ... the agreement that Jackson allegedly scribbled on and signed.


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What kind of contract is this. Lines are scratch out, extra writing by had is added, no witness signed and the notory hasn't signed. This could be done by any body. Someone shed some light.

1797 days ago


Another dumb azz greedy roach!!!! Branca and McClain spray those roaches with RAID!!!

1797 days ago


OMG, TMZ fix your frigging "will send you an email" function..damn black hole. Do I need to preface my comments with the word "balls" to get it posted???

1797 days ago


why are these people just coming out of the woodwork now???? it just proves something weird is up with their accusation. grrrrrrrrrrrrr stop with this people.

1797 days ago


Joe Jackson was furious because he couldn't take part to the business of the Michael's concerts in London, so he tried together with Leonard Rowe to take part into that concerts in March.
This is the letter with Michael Jackson FIRED once and for all Leonard Rowe dated May 20, 2009:

1797 days ago


Leonard Rowe needs to go sit himself down. Because he is just money hungry like the rest of these people trying to suit Michael Jackson's estate. Did it Frank Dileo say Michael fired him? All these people trying to suit the estate need to stop it! Because nan of them where his friend and didn't care about him like them claim. They just like the dollar signs they saw. This go for Leonard Rowe, Arnie Klein, John Landis, Conrad Murray and etc. They all need to change their name to Leach.

1797 days ago


Why would you change the beautiful photo you posted earlier? You know MJ fans are your bread and butter these days. Stop being so lame and petty.

1797 days ago


I just want to say...I am SOOOO Sorry Michael that this is going on and you can not physically be here to shut these Asses up!

Someone from the LAPD PLEASE get these idiots arrested already! I am SO tired of these "creditors" and other "losers" staking a claim in MJ's life. IF these claims are true...why didnt they get filed prior to June 25th??? COME ON!

I think I will file my own suit as well...wrongful death suit for the loss of the greatest entertainer in the world! Award winning checks can be made out to the Michael Jackson Estate!

1797 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    

I like the suggestions about MJ fans suing the knuckleheads who want to stake ridiculous claims to MJ's estate AND who are guilty of enabling and neglecting the K.O.P.

Shame, shame, shame.

1796 days ago


This guy along with Joe Jackson tried to take over MJs tour and he was harassed into signing but right after that he sent a letter saying he had changed his mind so wtf did he do to deserve this money????

1796 days ago


Gutter snipe -- all of them. Pig vomit. Disgusting. Greed is a vile, disgusting sin. From "They Don't Care About Us"

"I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy...Set me free!"

You are free now, Michael. I'm so sorry we turned our backs on you when you needed us the most. These pigs will get what's coming to them.

1796 days ago


This looks legit because it says it can be revoked at anytime and Michael did allegedly let him go in May.

I think he filed this to prove a point about AEG who claimed Rowe was never involved. They'll probably settle this one because has prove. It's interesting Rowe is not the smartest guy but he has proof while the other losers don't

1796 days ago


When does this ever stop? Everyone trying to get money off his estate since he died. Where the hell were these people when he was alive? I can't believe how low some people will go for some money. No respect for the dead. All these money hungry bastards will burn in hell. I also wonder if TMZ are making up these stories to keep people coming to this site. Some of this crap sounds made up to me. Just my oppinion.

1796 days ago


Shame on this worthless people hungry for money. Gold diggers unite. This Sucks.

1796 days ago


This is ridiculous-Leonard Rowe is just bitter because of the fact that MJ fired his butt and went back to Frank

It was said by Frank and others when MJ first passed away that Leonard was fired by MJ and that he and Joe Jackson were pushing for the family reunion tour at the same time as the 02 London shows; when MJ backed out-he was dropped...There is a letter dated 05/20/09 which came signed from MJ firing Leonard is the link:

POOR PATHETIC MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE...he got dropped because he didn't do his job-that's why Neyo and R Kelly sued him too...

In Addition:

-Letter that this loser provided stated can be revoked at ANY TIME in MJ's writing AND

-It's not notarized and or there is NO witness to the letter being signed...

BOTTOM LINE- this dude is wasting more money....he should have learned something by NOW!

1796 days ago
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