Three-Sided 'Thriller' Assault on Jackson Estate

10/29/2009 8:15 PM PDT

Three-Sided 'Thriller' Assault on Jackson Estate

Michael Jackson's estate was hit with three major creditor's claims today -- and they're all from people who claim MJ owed them tons of cash from "Thriller."

First up: John Landis -- the guy who wrote and directed the "Thriller" video and documentary back in 1983. Landis claims Jackson owed him more than $400,000 from a deal MJ made to take "Thriller" to Broadway -- a deal Landis said MJ didn't have the authority to make in the first place without his consent.

Next up: The company who hired Landis to do the "Thriller" gig also filed legal documents. Levitsky Productions claims they weren't paid profits they were entitled to from the music video in more than 4 years. They want more than $1,000,000.

Lucky #3: George Folsey Jr. -- the guy who produced the "Thriller" music video and documentary. Folsey claims Jackson stiffed him out of his cut of Thriller-related merchandise -- such as video games, toys, comic books, DVDs, CDs, dramatic and musical works and more. Folsey Jr. also wants more than $1,000,000.