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Paris Lashes Out at 'Scumbags'

10/30/2009 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before cops showed up at Paris Hilton's home last night, she once again trashed the people who broke into it.

Paris Hilton: Click to watch
Outside Philippe, Paris tore into the Burglar Bunch -- who allegedly stole $2 million worth of property from her -- calling them "dirty rotten thieves" and "scumbags" who deserve 10 years in the slammer.

As we previously reported, several of the suspects have had run-ins with the law before -- and if they're found guilty, they could be S.O.L.


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Why is it that it’s okay for her to break the law and get such a light sentence, yet these kids should have the book thrown at them? I mean they messed up big – and I think that they should be punished. But who the hell is she to decide how people should be punished when she couldn’t even take her own sentence, and it was only 45 days!

1787 days ago

who dat    

When are the police going to investigate Paris for that false police report. She didn't have 2Million worth of jewelry stolen as she reported.

1787 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Not the first to ask - but ..... Did she get new boobs? Or is it just an extreme push-up job in the dress??? I'm thinkin' new ones.

1787 days ago


Its too bed her house was broken into BUT... she has some nerve asking for OTHER PEOPLE TO DO JAIL TIME.

1787 days ago


What are some posters talking about?

Paris never had a DUI. She was pulled over for speeding.

Her alcohol level was within lawful limits and she pled no contest to "reckless driving" (speeding).

A year later she was pulled over for no hving her lights on at twilight.
At that point she was driving on a suspended license, that's all.

So this judge sentenced her to jail for driving on a suspended license - that's why there was such a controversy. No one else in CA went to jail for just that.

The DUI divers were other celebs,such as Lohan and Nicole Richie etc. and few of them went to jail on a first offense.

1787 days ago



1787 days ago


LOL That's pushup bra she markets in her lingerie line. Everybody can calm down now LOL.

1787 days ago


Planning out and robbing homes is a FELONY, folks.
Stop sympathizing with robbers.

1787 days ago


Don't know what if it's a pusu-up bra are a boob job but you have to admit they do look good.She should keep them like this,makes her llok better.

1787 days ago


@ 6:02 pm
How would you know how much her jewelry is worth? Stop jumping to conlusions.
tmz showed a picture of the loot she got back and it was a huuuge amount.
And she said some pieces were still missing.

1787 days ago


Hey peeps,Paris is right.
Some of the robbers are already repeat offenders. These are NOT their first crimes.So Of Course they should go away > not to jail but to PRISON.

1787 days ago

who dat    

72. @ 6:02 pm
How would you know how much her jewelry is worth? Stop jumping to conlusions

Paris has never told the truth in her life, that's how I know, She is a habitual liar. She feels a sense of entitlement and everything is beneath her. I have $100 that says Paris over-inflated the price on the jewelry. She figured the insurance would just pay off. If the detectives in LA County weren't spineless, Paris would be charged with filing a false police report.

1787 days ago


Sadly our "wonky" eyed daughter Paris is a cocaine addled drunken sperm burping gutter slut. Our entire family prayed she would commit suicide while incarcerated last year.
On behalf of the entire Hilton family we are sorry about the antics of our little slam pig, Paris. Hard to believe Nicky is the smart one, right?

1787 days ago


Look at this tramp. This wench is 27-years-old (LOL!)and still just infamous. I started reading about her in the media when she was just 16-years-old. Friends of ours have a daughter that use to hang with her in the "olden" days, but not for long. This wench needs to be put out of her misery. She, like Lindsay Hohan, will be found dead on the dirty floor of some miserable place.

1787 days ago


sure what they did was wrong, but let's remember her SPECIAL brand of justice. Just so she can see how it is to get treated special, let's hope they only spend a few days in jail and then get let out for being claustrophobic or overcrowding.

1787 days ago
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