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Paris Hilton Treats Security to Tongue Lashing

10/31/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was in a good mood at the beginning of last night -- but things quickly turned south when guests at her party had a hard time getting through security.

Paris Hilton

There were no police complaints last night, but Paris was furious at the line of cars waiting to get into her soiree -- and she blamed the security staff outside.

Dressed in her Dorothy getup (with a matching Doug Reinhardt by her side), Paris threw out expletives as she voiced her displeasure, screaming, "I'm going to have everyone f**king fired after this shit."

So much for the Halloween spirit.


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Professor Obvious    

I wonder when this skank will slip into obscurity. I travel often and I no longer stay at Hilton hotels because I despise this skank so. She was born into massive wealth and thinks that entitles her to be a celebrity, how pathetic.

1787 days ago


I must agree with the second comment. Hilton uses her name for self absorbed moronic behavior. The money she wasted on her lame party she could have helped some local kids have a fun Halloween. I never watched her show,nobody has to endure that sort of torture!
I see her name all over the place and never see one good thing she does other than worry about how she appears infront of a camera.Her wealthy parents reproduced, and now the world has to be punished) for their mistakes!This simpleton is a disgrace to women world wide!

1787 days ago


i would be so embarassed if i was this doug dude. How can you bow to paris's demands and dress like her. Pretty weak dude!!

1787 days ago


"It's my party and I will cry if I want to" Spoiled bitch not getting her way so instead of handling it like a grown up she throwa a tantrum!

1787 days ago


Whatta stupid c*nt

1787 days ago


WOW... she is just a chick to bang and then ditch her.

Paris, I liked you before I saw this crap. I would not want to hang with you.

1787 days ago


Come on that has to suck. All dressed up and everyone stuck at the gates.I would have gone ballistic.

1787 days ago

Anony Moose    

@3. "my friend worked for CNN, interned and interviewed her and said her cell is 646-457-8123 lol i dunno too nervous to call"

Voice mail says that number belongs to some guy, Rosario

1787 days ago


They will drop a letter from f*ck but not sh*t? LOL TMZ ROCKS

1787 days ago


10. @3. "my friend worked for CNN, interned and interviewed her and said her cell is 646-457-8123 lol i dunno too nervous to call"

Voice mail says that number belongs to some guy, Rosario

Posted at 4:09PM on Oct 31st 2009 by Anony Moose

HAHAHA ... you actually called? HAHAHAHA Likely a friend or enemy or Rosario just got pranked with a bunch of phone calls.

1787 days ago


Hey, Anony Moose ... btw, what did you plan on saying to her if she had answered the phone?

1787 days ago


i got home about 11:30 or so last night, turned on the tv, and was surprized cause there she was on the jimmy kimmel show, and she looked good!

thats some good halloween eye candy there!

oh yeah, i called too, i've got three phones and one is a virgin cell phone i rarely even turn on, but carry around with me every day cause it was a present.

sure i knew it was a halloween prank, but didn't care

1787 days ago


" . .. so much for the Halloween spirit."?

That IS the Halloween spirit! It isn't Christmas, people.

1787 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Worthless whore! She abuses people and treats animals like crap! This wonky eyed loser needs to go away forever.

1787 days ago


i'm the guy who didn't get in.

1787 days ago
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