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Torah and Camera-Whorah

11/2/2009 11:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So a rabbi and a d-bag walk into a building ...

Jon & Shmuley: Click to watch
We got Jon and Rabbi Shmuley -- Michael Jackson's former "spiritual advisor" -- heading into New York City's West Side Jewish Center last night, where they held a public dialogue in an attempt to make Jon look like less of a scumbag.

Inside, Jon reportedly apologized to Kate -- who wasn't there -- for "openly having relationships in the public eye" after their split, adding "if she would've done that to me, I would have been extremely pissed off."

It's like Yom Kippur all over again ... .


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Pat of Moscow    

What the heck is the matter with this guy? Now he turns to a rabbi!! He just doesn't learn that the public can't stand him. What he did to Kate he did to his children too. Jon is only trying to make himself look better and he has also turned to the wrong person to do that.A rabbi Jon? What could you be thinking? Jon is all messed up. He needs to talk to a Pastor of a Christian church. With a Pastor he will really find out the truth about himself and then maybe he would be sorry for what he has done. Of coarse I doubt that very much. Jon must face the fact that his viewers wish he would just go away.

1780 days ago


I just saw the clip on ET that showed him listening through their whole Hailey interview & ultimately participating. It was downright creepy. I want to be wrong on this, because we've had a string of women being murdered by spouses or boyfriends in this area and, as a woman and a person (since I know many men feel the same way), there is no woman on whom I would wish that kind of fear. However, Jon is coming across more and more as being obsessed with Hailey and incapable of letting go regardless of what she wants. She wouldn't be the first gullible young woman to confuse someone being obsessed with her with someone devotedly loving her.

1780 days ago


I was in a coma for the past year. I kept having these nightmares. I dreamed I was living on a planet much like earth except for everywhere I looked everyone was talking endlessly about these two very strange people who had all these really strange children. Every breaking news story was about them. Then one day I looked up and saw a silver flying saucer that had a strange little boy inside and was sailing across the sky. Finally I woke up and my family reports that I just kept repeating over and over "There's no place like home"

1780 days ago


Posters don't be so nasty.Parenting 8 little kids is stressful to begin with.I'm sure Kate regrets being so hard on Jon and he regrets flaunting hailey in Kates face. I hope they do the right thing now. First go to counseling and learn to respect each other.In my heart i wish there was a way they could learn to love and trust each other again .It would be hard for any one they date to really put the kids needs first. As a parent that's what you have to do.If they don't ever get back together I hope they will find someone who will love them and love their kids. and Jon, I hardly think Hailey is the one to do this. She's much too young and self centered to care about anyone but herself.If you two can't make a go of it Jon and Kate, at least learn to respect each other so your kids will grow up knowing Mommy and Daddy will always love them and each other.I wish them well you nasty posters...remember, until you walk in someones shoes keep your mouths shut!!!

1780 days ago


Okay...Jon doesn't need rehab, or a, um, "spiritual advisor" (I always get a giggle from that...all of the rapists, and child molesters, and murderers who "find Jesus" in the slam...teehee), or anything else. What the man needs is a brain transplant, and medical science hasn't perfected those as of yet. He is terminally stupid. He is too stupid to be a douchebag, or a scrote, or evil. He is a bibbling idiot, as evidenced by his bumbling, defective, ludicrous attempts to exact revenge on Kate. Now, I don't blame him one iota for despising Kate, for feeling humiliated, emasculated and otherwise made to look like a fungus on the toe-nail of humanity by Kate. Kate, IMHO, is a castrating, controlling, egocentric, calculating personification of that which we call "bitch". Only a moron with a really low double-digit IQ would have married her in the first place without the aid of some sort of pharmaceutical aid to make him extremely susceptible to suggestion, utterly compliant and hornier than a triple dose of V****a. Enter Jon. Why Kate married Jon is a bit of a mystery, in that the world is chock-full of helpless, fumbling, uninspired twerps...unless she found him vaguely...cute (ew) a somewhat mumbly and confused way. He did help her produce adorable kids, though, so maybe she did some kind of genetic profiling. "Christian" (the whole fertility treatment vs. God doing his thing business baffles me, but, whatever) or not, I wouldn't put it past her.

As to the whole "attention whore" bit, o, please, SHE probably notified the press about her speeding ticket so she could boo-hoo about how busy she is, and overworked, and poor (right), etc., etc., ad nauseum. Wah, wah, wah. If Jon tries to make something of it, it will be another clumsy, non-epic fail for him.

O, and btb, I don't speed with my kids in the car, so sorry to inform all of you making aSSumptions out there. I have a doofy little putt-putt mobile (No minivan [argh] or behemoth SUV), and I like to putter around the area just at the speed limit, giving type A soccer moms (and their hypertensive yuppie-from-hell hubbies) conniptions because they're late for some desperately important...something. I used to have a high performance vehicle, and I used to cruise the highways at 120 mph for the sheer joy of it. No tickets, no accidents...and no children at that time (and at 3:00 am there aren't many peeps on the road around here either). But that was 20 years ago. I have responsibilities now. So does that arrogant mommy-dearest Kate. Think about it.

1779 days ago


Jon, I'm glad you're speaking to a spiritual advisor, But I'm afraid that this Rabbi is not the one. Isn't he writing another book about the Michael Jacksons tapes?I always thought if you spoke to a Rabbi, Priest ,Minister what you told them is confidential. I'm afraid he might be in this for his 5 minutes of fame. Think about this. I know you need someone to help you. what about the Minister where you used to go to church?Or someone you know and trust?Good luck to all of you. and as for the foul mouthed posters, and you know who you are,show some compassion. some day you might need it too!!!

1777 days ago
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