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Carlton Banks

I Love to Love White Chicks

11/3/2009 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Alfonso Ribeiro has a taste for white meat ... particularly, the kind with blond hair.
Alfonso Ribeiro
The actor formerly-and-always-known-as Carlton Banks busted out a freestyle rap session at last night's Steel Panther show -- a session that started with the line, "I have been known to f*** some white girls in my lifetime!"

Dude also claims he often leaves the nightclub scene with a member of the Caucasian persuasion -- and according to our vast video library ... he ain't lyin. 


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Carlton's parents were from Trinidad/Tobago, but he was born in New York.

1781 days ago


And so, there are alot of stupid bimbos out there what else is new

1781 days ago


what a tool.

1781 days ago

Sue Wong    

Always thought he was gay. lol.

1781 days ago


I feel embarrassed for him. I could forgive it all if his rapping was good. But...

1781 days ago


Carlton represents all the cookie cut corny a$# brothers who have no ideal what's coming out thier a%* holes, this dusty c@nt sucker has lost touch with himself. Carlton is the prime example of oreo not to mention his lyrics sound and smell like s#it.

1781 days ago


Black Women Are Not Only G-R-O-S-S They Smell Bad Too!

1781 days ago


Its 2009 I'm a white guy and I kinda laughed! Its a joke! Even if you don't think its funny its still just a joke! By the way I've bagged me some asian in my day LOL.

1781 days ago

A Jacksons Relative    

42. To angry black man- You sure know all of the racial words for white people. I'm sure you and your buddies call white people those names behind their backs too. You try to make it sound like you are clean of racism, but you are one of the biggest racists on this site. And if you don't like people commenting on your comments, too bad. You follow racist comments with your own, then don't like being called out. Tough tittie said the kittie when the milk ran dry. What names do you have for Mexicans?

Posted at 5:55PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by angry Mexican

You don't seem all that angry. It seems like you are trying to fit in with the whites, but let me tell you, you are lower than a black person so you need to shut the hell up. You don't want me to get started on your people with their low-lifed asses. All they do is come over here to America illegally and automatically qualify for medical benefits, food stamps, welfare, etc. When it is twenty times harder for an American, who really needs it to apply for. You guys are the reason our economy is bad because all our taxes goes to your damned welfare checks, food stamps, etc. On top of that, you guys have babies like rabbits to keep the welfare coming. And what about the swine flu virus? Also, blacks don't have to live ten to twelve people to a one bedroom apartment like you guys do. So shut the hell up.

1781 days ago

A Jacksons Relative    

38. The difference is white women let black men run all over them. Obviously he is a corny black dude, which ultimately makes a perfect match for a white woman. Sorry, but I'm just calling it like I see it and this video proves my case.

Posted at 6:34PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by KC

You got that right KC. But apparently, these ignorant people can't see that. All they see is the fact that a black man is going with a white woman. But it goes much deeper than that. At least we know the truth. LOL!

1781 days ago

Grumpy old man    

31. All da black chicks be saying sumthin on here cause they're pissed that he said it out loud! Erybody thinks it, he just said it! He got their goat!

Posted at 5:13PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by Beefy


Ummm...I can't think of any black woman (including myself) you'd be pissed b/c "Carlton Banks" likes to f--- white chicks. lol Anyway, black dudes who like to "take a dip in the snow" ;) are usually JUST like Carlton anyway. I bet you are too. ;) White chicks can have you. lol
And, I understand that you may not know how to talk like you passed an English class but, you could at least type like it. Damn. lol

1781 days ago

A Jacksons Relative    

59. Black Women Are Not Only G-R-O-S-S They Smell Bad Too!

Posted at 10:06PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by OhWell

And how the hell would you know how black women smell? You guys smell like a wet dog. Why do you guys have to wash your hair everyday and take 2-3 showers a day. Most people ususally don't have to do that, or should I say most humans? You don't have guts to come to a black person's face with that crap do you? But you are so bad behind this computer screen aren't you? You're just a coward ass loser.

1780 days ago


Why are so many of you so sensitive?! Who cares if he likes white women. That's his preference. I for one like all types of women under the sun . . . lol.

1780 days ago


People... let it go... He has a thing for white girls, he thought people would find it funny. He screwed up... Fine him and move on. Angry Black Man has some good points!

1780 days ago


Absolutely true. He comes into my restaurant with a random blonde girl every time he's in. They're never amazing looking, but average and blonde is seemingly his taste. He's always very nice, too.

1780 days ago
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