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Kate Gosselin -- The Lonely Disciplinarian

11/3/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like the drill sergeant of a pocket-size army, Kate Gosselin went off on 6 of her tiny troops yesterday when they refused to stand still and be quiet after getting off the school bus.

Kate Gosselin: Click to wach
When one of her 5-year-olds rebelled with a few insubordinate dance moves, Kate was heard snapping "This is the kind of stuff you cannot be doing when you are five years old. Stand quietly ... Stop your feet and don't move them."

As an extra threat, Kate added "If I wasn't here you'd still be standing in the parking lot waiting."

Good times....


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Yes you have to discipline your kids, BUT it is what she SAYS that is totally abusive to the kids. LUCKY I CAME BACK, IF I WASN'T HERE YOU WOULD BE STANDING HERE me it seems it is not for the kids but for herself. Giving those poor kids a complex because she wants them to be what she wants... those comments are like you are interfering in my life, what i need to be doing...There are other things to say to 5 year olds.I know we are not all perfect I know I have said some things to my son and what it really is is selfish and self serving but I recognize it. Ya know if she was abusive to Jon it doesn't fall far from the same tree. Control freaks do it all for themselves, it's what they want etc. & I think she is one of them. I know it's tough raising that many kids but there are ways to say things. Maybe it should be done in a little more loving way...I know we all get frustrated in life and she has alot on her plate but try to watch what you say to people...wonder how these kids will come out in the end...They ARE So cute.

1797 days ago


leave her alone she's a single mother of 8 its not like she's the only one in the world that has ever yelled at there kids .

1815 days ago


It's got to be really bloody difficult to handle that many kids in a public place. Especially when it's a public place with cars driving everywhere and potentially putting them in harm's way.

Of course, some people will find a way to make her out to be a monster for having to control her children. But if they were running wild, people would be all over her for that, too. Catch-22, much?

1815 days ago


I like Kate....People just need to stop being so disrespectful toward her on these websites...

All the fat cows, bored housewives and usually loser bloggers will be commenting hate in 3,2,1

1815 days ago


Not a big fan of Kate but what's the story here?

1815 days ago


Did she not know she was going to pick up her kids? Why is she making the kids stand in the parking lot while she moves all her stuff to the back? That's the stuff you do before you pick the kids up.... and really the kids aren't doing anything bad. They are 5 year olds! And darn good 5 year olds... if they were running all over the parking lot it would be one thing but they are standing there talking... OMG kids that TALK ??? how dare they... she's an evil woman that should have never had kids.

1815 days ago


lol at "insubordinate dance moves"

1815 days ago


I respect that she keeps them under control and safe in a dangerous place.. To many parents don't and let their kids run around in parking lots, where there is a potential for a very serious accident.. GO KATE..

1815 days ago


Maybe she should have put all that crap in the back of the vehicle before she got the kids. Then she could have just put them straight into the vehicle...

1815 days ago


This is exactly what bothers me when she is claiming to "live for her children"--Perhaps if she took her "business clothes" out of the truck BEFORE picking up the kids, they wouldn't have to stand in the parking lot while she moves her crap around. And, seriously, telling the kids if she wasn't there they'd be still standing in the parking lot? What kind of thing is that for a mother to say to a 5 year old. Kate is so full of putting on a "mother of the year show", she has forgotten how to be a mother-if she ever did know?

1815 days ago


Never watched the show, not a fan, and sick of them... BUT, she has EIGHT kids... I have none. I have nothing but respect for her - she keeps it together more than I ever could with that many!! Give her a break!!

1815 days ago


All for show. What douchebag she is. Fugly one, at that.

1815 days ago



1815 days ago


That is child abuse. That is not the only time she has mistreated those poor kids. Keep an eye on her and then report her!

1815 days ago


If she put the stuff in the back first, it would have been a quick pick up. How is she going to give the paps enough time with her if she just picks them up with no drama? Then we wouldn't get to see how her hair looks today, what she's wearing, what a harried single mom she is...Really, she's very famous. Very. She owes it to her public to put on a show, the kids be damned.

1815 days ago
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