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Kate Gosselin -- The Lonely Disciplinarian

11/3/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like the drill sergeant of a pocket-size army, Kate Gosselin went off on 6 of her tiny troops yesterday when they refused to stand still and be quiet after getting off the school bus.

Kate Gosselin: Click to wach
When one of her 5-year-olds rebelled with a few insubordinate dance moves, Kate was heard snapping "This is the kind of stuff you cannot be doing when you are five years old. Stand quietly ... Stop your feet and don't move them."

As an extra threat, Kate added "If I wasn't here you'd still be standing in the parking lot waiting."

Good times....


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Tanya, you STFU, loser. Don't tell us what to post.

1814 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

5-Kate bought another new auto this summmer,a Toyota Sequoia.Jon bought a BMW SUV

Neither parent bought a PASSENER VAN!!!!
Where were these 6 little kids in a Toyota SUV?

1814 days ago

Blinded by the light    

You're a're an idiot!
Welll truth be told....those SUV's seat 9....all with seatbelts.

1814 days ago

Kooky Fan    

LOL - Wait till she has to teach the 6 kids to drive, or take them to colleges.

She'll be doing Prophanol - like MJ

1814 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Good for her. It's not easy to keep a pack of rug-rats in line.
To all of you whining about her 'abusing' the kids: it's obviously you had dumb, permissive parents. Kids have to learn to listen and behave, and they learn by their parents asking for and expecting good behavior from them. All of you who think little kids can't learn anything are the kind of parents the rest of us hate - the kind who bring up their kids to be uncontrollable brats.

1814 days ago


Are you serious when you think this is a person going off on her kids?????? I don't even watch the show, nor do I care one way or another about her personal life, however, I still can't believe that people think this is worth reporting. Reality stars are a dime a dozen. She too will be outta the spotlight and another one will take her place. My gawd.. I hope that is soon

1814 days ago

Money Talks    

Well as an animal lover I'm so glad the dogs are no longer with her. She even admitted publicly that she kept them in cages for long periods of time. Wonder how she behaves at home, with no cameras around and about. Don't trust her, don't like her, the same goes for her ex, he looks strange to me. What a pair, they should be together.

1814 days ago


She sure didn't plan on picking up the kids with all that junk in her trunk.. : ) Let your kids stand around while you clean out the car.When you have kids you leave the extras in the back all the seemed to be very patient and well behaved, more then you can say for mom.

1814 days ago


after reading your caption I was all set to be pissed off at Kate but after watching the video I think she did great. Not a big fan of the whole situation, but what was the big deal? Oh, how dare she make her kids mind and stand still! Seriously, I'd like to see more parents get control over their kids. Things are just out of hand anymore!

1814 days ago

Pam in Evansville    

HURRAH FOR KATE!!!! The large majority of today's kids are disrespectful, spoiled, smart ass brats. If you don't teach them to behave early...forget it.

1814 days ago


Nasty Ass! Her interview proved it ALL!!!!!

1814 days ago


Give the poor woman a break. She is basically a single mom with 8 kids. She is going to lose it from time to time. We all do. It does not make her a bad mom.
Seems to me if her kids are standing around waiting to get into the car as opposed to running around and her chasing them down to get them into the car, then she is doing a pretty good job of controling them. They do after all outnumber her.

1814 days ago


Leave Kate alone and mind your own business... Im so glad to see most people are in agreement with me... people who never had to be deal with raising small children, especially 6 at one time, should not be throwing stones... I've watched the show since day one, and think shes an amazing, loving mother. Give her a break already.

1814 days ago


Well done, Kate. You've got to jump all over that in a parking lot. One of those kiddos starts to get a little antsy, the others will quickly follow, and then you've got 6 five year olds on the loose in a dangerous place. Way to keep your troops in a group, Kate! I turn into the Tazmanian Devil when my kiddos stray off in the parking lot, but it doesn't seem to do me any good. I've got to find out how Kate does it! By the way, as far as good vs bad parenting goes, all bets are off when your children are in very REAL danger of being flattened by a car. That's not the time to explore your child's "feelings" about running away in the road or parking lot or calmly explaining to them why it's a bad idea.

1814 days ago


She's just a tyrannical bitch. The kids weren't doing anything wrong.

1814 days ago
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