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Kate Gosselin -- The Lonely Disciplinarian

11/3/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like the drill sergeant of a pocket-size army, Kate Gosselin went off on 6 of her tiny troops yesterday when they refused to stand still and be quiet after getting off the school bus.

Kate Gosselin: Click to wach
When one of her 5-year-olds rebelled with a few insubordinate dance moves, Kate was heard snapping "This is the kind of stuff you cannot be doing when you are five years old. Stand quietly ... Stop your feet and don't move them."

As an extra threat, Kate added "If I wasn't here you'd still be standing in the parking lot waiting."

Good times....


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Kate was not doing one thing wrong. Keeping her kids in order as she is trying to get them in the car. Nothing wrong with her moving things to the back while she is loading the kids in the car. John is a worthless piece of crap - she should have beat his ass while she had a chance! She is a good mom - it doesn't matter how long she stands in the parking lot - the paps will be there anyway. Good for her for wanting a career and raise her children. At least she's doing it instead of asking for welare. John needs to take his dumb ass girlfriend with him to hell.

1812 days ago


82. We all know most of the negative comments are coming from JON or Hayley because

. Posted at 5:41PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by Mia

Mia I agree with you I believe it is Hailey & Jon because there is soooo much hate and anger in there post and it isn’t just a one line comments they are paragraphs.

Kate, take care of you kids in the manner that YOU see fit!!! All the haters here are just jealous that the paps don't follow them around and know there schedules and there children’s schedules. Lets follow them around and see how self righteous they all are then. Go KATE!!!!!!!

To the both of you,
do you realize how STUPID you sound?
i can reassure you i am neither jon or hailey, just a person with a differnt opinion then yourself.
People are entitled to their opinions and i couldnt see why anyone would think she is even anything close to a good mom, but not everyone sees things the same way.
People like you are REALLY scary, "like omgggg goooooooooo kate!"
you are sitting here spewing your paragraphs aswell, so may i assume you are kate, which would not suprise me she is so full of herself.

1812 days ago


Kare, my kids darn well stood still in a parking lot at five years old. I see too many parents who cannot make their children behave. There are a lot of things to gripe at Kate about, but if I were you, I'd leave this one alone if your 5 year old won't listen in a parking lot.

1812 days ago

natashia giles    

She is a real mother, let her be. So many people that don't have kids have so much to say.I have 4 in the house and trust and beleive that they are told alot to be quiet and yes one of them is 5. When you need to silence that is what you need. have some kids them tell me that you want to hear them yelling all day and when you are alone with them all day, with or with it being the school year. I have yet to have see her doing anything that is not what a normal parent does. Celebs have it easy they have a nanny that deals with it all. Real parents do it all on their own. Adn teaching them how to do things at a young age hepls when they get older. You dont have to say it as much at an older age.

1812 days ago


Those children ride over an hour on that bus each way, when are they supposed to be kids, Kate?
She treats everyone like trash.

1812 days ago


Isn't anyone else grossed out by Kate having invitro to have a litter of kids like OctoMom? Kate is equally as disgusting and no one ever talks about her having way too many babies artificially.

1812 days ago


by Denny...seriously? A lot of kids ride on the school buses now for well over an hour. Wake up and smell the coffee 'Denny'. Kids can be kids when they get home....sometimes after homework is done...sometimes after bath time and even sometimes after dinner. She's doing a great job raising her kids ALONE!

1812 days ago


5 years olds just get out of school and are a little pent up with energy. Guess what? It's normal. Telling a 5 yr. old to stand perfectly still, stop fidgeting and no dance moves is a control freak.

1812 days ago


Jamie Ayers thinks she's a lesbian also.

1812 days ago


What is bad is her saying, if I wasn't here you would be standing here waiting? Sounds like shes making herself seem like I am better then your dad.

1812 days ago


Kate is uninteresting with no personality other than being a rude witch & is using those poor kids as her meal ticket. She needs to go raise her kids instead of flying all over the country for interviews trying to be a "movie star," LMAO.

1812 days ago


Personally, I wish she would take her skunk helmet,cankles,UUMMMMMM,bodyguard & STFU.

1812 days ago


61 Erica Smith - Oh, you really sound like a calm, cool, and collected person. I bet YOU never go off on your kids or husband (if you have one). Oh yes, with your mouth you're a perfect Mom. Right.

1812 days ago


116 Kate Stupid - "Stupid" is a good name for you.

1812 days ago


Good for you, Kate! For those kids who don't get disciplined at a young age, I can tell you when they get to high school they become a teacher's nightmare. And we teachers don't have many disciplinary methods up our sleeves anymore since the PARENTS have made it impossible to discipline in the classroom.

Go, Kate! Bless you! They WILL grow up being happy adults and great parents themselves, I promise you!

1812 days ago
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