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Prejean Sex Tape Triggers Settlement

11/4/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean demanded more than a million dollars during her settlement negotiations with Miss California USA Pageant officials -- that is, until the lawyer for the Pageant showed Carrie an XXX home video of her handiwork.

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let's just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.

We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist -- a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

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MY GOD, I want to watch that video.

1781 days ago


"The fake blond-boops bitch was reading "the Bible" before she filmed herself SEX tape.... What a phony !"

Not sure its a sin to video tape yourself masturbating, but thanks for your input.. hater.

1781 days ago


She is a joke and ho

1781 days ago


LOL looks like some evangelicals are STILL defending their dirty slutty sex angel.

When it's one of their own they have excuses for everything, don't they.
Just like when they tried to get the trashy Palin family into the White House.
You Christians are disgusting!

1781 days ago


Don't forget that it was the "wind" that blew open her top for the racy topless photos she did. Yeah, right. I suppose it's also the "wind" that blew open her legs in the sex tape. What a slutty hypocrite.

1781 days ago


I KNEW IT! I always thought there was a sex tape and even mentioned it on here in comments. What a whore. Did Jesus tell her to show her vagina?

1781 days ago


LMAO this website is out to get her because they don't agree with what she said, but let's face it, HOMOSEXUALITY is wrong, that is why butt sex causes cancer and that is why ya'll have the highest percentage of HIV

1781 days ago

London not England    

#58- Michelle

"Carrie Pre-ejacu"....

That's FUNNY!!!! wish I'd thought of it.....

1781 days ago


This girl is just another bible thumping hypocrite, lying her way through life.

1781 days ago

Mary P    

11 - Heather, nowhere did I say I supported her position. It IS called blackmail when you lead a lawyer into a room, show something that has NOTHING to do with the relevant complaints at an attempt to get someone to drop a lawsuit. But I assume, since you apparently have no reading comprehension, that's probably beyond you. And quite frankly, I'm not of ANY faith, but my husband fights for the freedom of her right to say what she wants, just like you and just like those who agree with same sex marriage and those who say against it. IT's VERY hypocritical (and thank you for your words to point that out) that you'd tear someone down for their basic rights, including being blackmailed to make YOUR point (which is equally as imperative as hers). So if someone doesn't agree with you, it's okay to do whatever you want to them - hey, let's just drag all people who oppose YOUR OPINION behind a car. Don't charge anyone with anything because "they probably did something at some point" and all people deserve to die.

Good grief how you are closed minded and judgmental (and we'll skip mentioning hypocritical)... and you have issues with Prejean? You are no better than she is.

1781 days ago

London not England    



You're all a bunch of hateful Sinners. and I STILL Stand behind what I said, and God will back me up...So who cares what the rest of you all think of me!

If He be for me, who can be against me!?!?!?!

Besides, I'm still gonna cash in out, so enjoy your meaningless little lives, and GO TO HELL!

Yours Truly..

Carrie P.

and P.S.

I'm GLAD that PEREZ FREAK GOT HIS FACE BASHED IN BY Will.I.Am's Body's no LESS than he deserved for starting all this crap!

1781 days ago

Mary P    

#16 - And it's apparent you have no reading comprehension either. In fact, you are even putting words into my mouth to make your point... in random caps by the way. Where did I say TMZ or Harvey blackmailed her? Do you really need to lie and make up stuff to "prove your point"? It sounds like YOU are the one with the "holier than thou" complex.

How do you think they "fell" into a sex tape? Carrie offered it? Nope, they paid the big bucks for P.I.'s, and to whomever owned it. Then showed it to her to get her to drop the lawsuit. That's straight out blackmail. Period. "I have something on you, that you don't want the world to see - if you don't stop what you are doing, we'll release it."

1781 days ago


She is no hypocrite. If she was getting it doen "lickety split" she would be a hypocrite, but she is getting it done propper. You F##go#ts better leave her alone because a pair of her panties are worth every one of you fudge packing twisted sissys.

1781 days ago


She is a joke and a ho

1781 days ago


Does she f**k the bible in her sex tape?

1781 days ago
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