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Chiefs Fans to Owner: Fire Larry Johnson!!

11/4/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson is roughly 80 yards away from becoming the all time leading rusher for the Kansas City Chiefs -- but after his anti-gay slur scandal last week, Chiefs fans want him off the team before he has a chance to make history.

Hundreds of loyal Chiefs fans have signed a petition, begging the team owner to keep Larry Johnson's name out of the Chiefs Hall of Fame forever.

The petition reads:

"Larry has been a black eye on the organization ... We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Chiefs, please deactivate Larry Johnson.

Please do not let his name sit atop the all-time rushing leaders in Kansas City Chiefs history."

We spoke to one of the fans behind the petition, Andy Phelan, who tells us: "I would love it if we never see Larry Johnson in a Chiefs uniform again ... He's a cancer in the locker room."

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1812 days ago



1812 days ago

Sue Wong    

I would personally petition to have each of those fans fired from their jobs. Get a life!!

1812 days ago


Don't mess with animals or gay people... You're tail will get screwed real quick! look at Mike Vick the guy from Grey's Anatomy!

1812 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Anyone want to plow my well-used moneymaker? It will only cost you a rock. Please call Simone (I'll put out for anyone!)

1812 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Sorry Simone I'd love to take you up on that offer but the Doctor says I'm lucky to be alive after our last dalliance. Gonorrhea is not easy to get rid of, you know!

1812 days ago


BS! I bet not only are the ppl who signed the petition not "loyal Chiefs" fans I bet they are not even sports fans. I love how tmz conveniently leaves information out of certain stories and then try to spin it. This petition was probably circulated in West Hollywood somewhere or on a gay rights website (and I'm sure they know but won't say).

Among true sports fans this isn't even a topic of conversation. I watched football all day last Sunday including pre-game and post-game shows and I didn't hear this issue come up 1 time.

1812 days ago


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1812 days ago

cha ching    

Gay Power at work, TMZ should be proud!

1811 days ago


vegetables = good, vegetable oils = bad,
coconut oil for frying = good.

1811 days ago

Nunya Business    

Mike Vick is back in football after he killed dogs. This guy is getting canned because of a word. What a screwed up world. I think people take words too seriously. I also know for a fact several gays use the F word when referring to other gays they call friends. Dark skin people use the N word so what is the big deal here. It may be offensive and no I have nothing against Dark races or even the gay community but why is it okay for them to say something offensive and it not be taken that way but a straight person should not use the F word and a white person should not use the N word? Mike Vick should be canned not this guy.

1811 days ago


I think this is ridiculous. So what he said the "F" word! Why should that be a crime. Child sex offenders get less punishment. What is America turning into? One big fat parade and only gays are welcome? I think its way over the top. Its obvious that gays run this country because they are so adamant about other people accepting them. Pretty soon they will want people to turn gay just because they think its natural to be gay. By the way I dont think its natural! I think it is a choice. If it werent for straight people none of us would be here. So we need to be thinking about preserving what is really right and natural. I think the gays need to fall back and maybe they should make some gay states, gay cable T.V., gay supermarkets, gay department stores and America will be a better place.
Also, look at R.kelly who was peeing on an underage girl. He still gets to live his lavish life and make records right? America is twisted.

1811 days ago

Nunya Business    

#17 Could you explain to people how is this video relevant to the story?

1811 days ago

A Person    

Overreaction much? The fans need to get a life and stop watching so much PerezHilton.

1811 days ago


This is some stupid gay group pushing for this!!!! how can you fire someone for a word.Blacks dont like the n word but use it everyday!!!!!!!! I bet gay people use the f word everyday.you just have to be gay to use it.Just like blacks think you have to be black to use the n-word!!! cause god knows the meaning of a word changes depending on who you are.slowly your freedoms are going away!!! You people need to get a life and let him get his rewards for his work on the field!!!! Just makes me want to go around and say that word all day long!!!!!

1811 days ago
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