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Joe Jackson Allegedly Behind Death Threats

11/6/2009 4:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is accused of running a campaign of terror against a former associate who is trying to prove Michael Jackson had an illegitimate son.

Joe Jackson Allegedly Behind Death Threats

TMZ has obtained a request for a restraining order filed last week against Joe and his son Randy Jackson in San Francisco County Superior Court.

In the docs, a man named Ronnie Newt claims he was threatened by Joe's henchmen after he approached Joe with information that he believed proved Michael is the father of a 12-year-old boy named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson. In the past, Newt told TMZ that Joe denied the kid was Michael's.

According to the documents, Newt claims "I was told to stay out of the M.J. love child story. That some one could get kill [sic] for that kind of money."

Newt also warns that if he turns up dead in the near future, authorities should suspect foul play. He's demanding the Jackson's and their associates stay 50 yards away from him at all times.

TMZ spoke with Joe, who tells us the death threat allegations are completely bogus and added, "I haven't even seen this guy since the '80s."


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Mark Martin    

Are we now to believe that PMMJJ is Michael Jackson's love child from a man-woman relationship? Give me a break! None of his children came to this world in such a normal way so there's no reason to believe this guy's claims. Unless he is also an artificial product like the others.

1788 days ago

Mark Martin    

Mr. Joe Jackson should do all of us a favor and go private for the remaining of his life on earth. He is a ridiculous ugly old man who gives me the creeps! He looks like something that crawled out of the "Thriller" video.

1788 days ago



1813 days ago


Just another moron trying to get his 15 minutes. Give it up. As much as Michael loved kids..he wouldnt try to hide it!

1813 days ago

screamin in dig    

Who cares what a bunch of garbage. whay dont they post more on the discrepecies surrounding mj and how he died. All the conflicting stories and events surrounding his DEATH HOAX!!!!

1813 days ago


"Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson" is 24 years old TMZ not 12... he requested a DNA test and made the claims about paternity himself... there's a big difference in perception on the "love child" when you put his actual age of 24 and not 12

1813 days ago


This joe jackson is one fugly man , it really hurts my eyes to see any pictures of this dementia ridden parasite that sucked off of his son's teat for decades.
May he rot in hell for all eternity.

1813 days ago


I guess with Michael gone, old Joe will have to drag Randy down.

1813 days ago


I am sorry I really do not see the father son resemblance with this guy picture. They don't even have the same features. Tmz focus on the investigation. Not klein, or these other meaningless story.

1813 days ago


Okay, TMZ. I see it works like this: I want press, I yell out the name of a Jackson, ANY Jackson, and y'all will report it like the gospel truth until a member of the family personally calls you to refute it?

Sound about right? Alrighty then. JERMAJESTY JACKSON STOLE MY LINCOLN LOGS!! Run tell dat.

1813 days ago


Sun, hot.

1813 days ago


@ #13 (Sickening): Randy's latest missive is: "Behind all the excitement and pandemonium, a murder goes unsolved. My family won't forget because I won't let them." What about that makes you think HE doesn't care about MJ? Stop believing trash.

1813 days ago


Why does Joe pluck his eyebrows like that?

1813 days ago


Has Murray been arrested yet?

1813 days ago


Well Looks like harvey is takeing advise for the bords because we have not had one bad story today about Mj so instead he's going after the next best thing well I guess i'll take it but the whole death thing is bit drastic..This lady just wants money why wait till after Mj dies to say hey u have a nothor son should have done that when he was alive.. so if it was true Mj could meet his kid and be a daddy because we all know he wanted more kids.. So I say Go joe... finaly.. start taking these Blood suckers down.. maybe they should throw a few death threats towards Dr.Maurry.. while he's at it....if she was to get money to go away I just wanna say for the Record Im Mj' little girl too.. hell all of Michael's Fans are his children... why not..he loved everyone..

1813 days ago
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