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Prisoner: I Impregnated Kate G. & Octomom

11/7/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An Indiana prisoner claims his swimmers are responsible for Kate Gosselin's eight AND Octomom Nadya Suleman's latest litter ... and now he wants his supposed spawn to come live with him in lockdown.

In the most entertaining handwritten court papers you'll ever read, Jonathan Lee Riches -- who has filed many lawsuits against celebs in the past -- wants custody of the Gosselin kids, the Suleman kids, John Edwards' love child, all the kids on "ABC's 'All My Children'" and Bristol Palin's child "which Bristol kidnapped from Linda Tripp."

In the awesome papers, filed in Illinois, Riches claims he met Kate "at a Harrisburg Long John Silvers over octopuss" -- and when Kate went to a fertility clinic in 2002, his "sperm was added to the mix."

More awesome lines included in the papers:

-- "TLC stands for Torturing Little Children."

-- "Jon Gosselin is really a woman on steroids."

-- "I sued Black History Month."

There's much more awesomeness to be had ... JUST READ THE PAPERS.


No Avatar


Hmmmm.....what part of Illinois is INDIANA in? Just curious.

1790 days ago

excretive producer    

He'll never go from rags to riches.

1809 days ago


haha someone has alotta time on their hands

1809 days ago


kate who hates 8 is currently hanging out at the casino in windsor, ontario, canada.

1809 days ago


What? He doesn't want MJ's kids, too? Must be an underachiever!

1809 days ago

excretive producer    

One man's family.....*crickets*

1809 days ago


I can NOT believe someone actually stamped this crap. THAT is way more funny then this insane nutjobs claims.
I must admit, it is funny though. G1 TMZ.

1809 days ago

god forbid you end up in an accident or in the hospital!    

Nick...he's in jail! of course he has time on his hands!

he's probably too crazy to be someone's bitch for that matter

1809 days ago


Oh my god, this is gold.
I would not mind getting impregnated by this guy, no matter how crazy he may be.

1809 days ago

Just sayin'    

Yeah, because mental health issues are friggin' hilarious.

1809 days ago


WOW if i say i am the jackson kids bio mom will i get on TMZ home page too?

why and where is this even a news-worthy story, yay a creative writing moron. I guess if i want 15 mins that bad I can make stuff up and people will consider it something to garner everyones attention on! I remember the good old days where obvious attention seeking liars and money hungry story tellers were not given their 15 mins and mostly ignored (except for tabliods)......not anymore...

TMZ i am very disappointed to see that your standards are so low, definately lost some cool points...I wonder if you'll be reporting on aliens and conspiracy theories involving jon and kate, octomom and MJ too!

TMZ please do not become a tabloid!!!!!!

1809 days ago


And this is the kind of frivolous $hit we get pay for when mentally challenged inmates are permitted to file such BS lawsuits. INSANE! This REALLY, R E A L L Y irks me! WHY DO THEY ALLOW SUCH BS COURT PAPERS TO EVEN BE FILED???

1809 days ago


The Prime Minister of Sweden visited Washington today, and my tiny little nipples went to France... The Whitehouse greeted the Prime Ribroast Minister, and I do the cha-cha, like a sissy girl... I lika... do... da cha-cha.

1809 days ago


What I can't understand is why the courts would even waste their time filing such ridiculous papers.

1809 days ago



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1809 days ago
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