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Rihanna -- Chris Thought He Was Invincible

11/7/2009 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna feels Chris Brown had "no limits" because fame came to him at such a young age -- and that may have played a role in the brutal beating earlier this year.


Rihanna told Diane Sawyer on "20/20" last night, "Fame came to Chris very young ... You're a kid and the word 'no' doesn't exist? You become invincible. There's no right or wrong, you just do."

RiRi also said she hasn't heard Chris' "apology" song and thinks his apology video online looked like he was reading from a teleprompter.


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I thought Rihanna did a very good job in telling her story. She had to wait awhile to heal her mind & body. Just remember people she is a very young girl, & she went through a terrible time. I know I went through the same thing when I was her age. I also had 2 babies, but I did get away, but it was hard, especially when you have no money or support. At least she has money to get away & I hope she stays away, because no matter what I believe once they strike, thats it! It will happen again. Stay strong Rihanna, you are beautiful, strong & talented. You deserve a man who will worship you.

1809 days ago


Rihanna and Chris both need to just go away. She is no better than him. He is no better than her. I am so fed up with the music industry and the losers they foist upon us. Since about 1966, drugs, sex, and death have destroyed our enjoyment of real entertainment.

1809 days ago


No, man is to hit and/or abuse any woman but now it is time for people to let both Rihanna & Chris grow and heal from this experience which will including letting them both continue with their careers. By Chris physically abusing Rihanna he has and will continue to pay for his actions but he is a gifted singer/performer who needs to make a living as he was doing in the past before Feb. 09.

By now I do believe his has gotten the message and with the proper professional help as well if he is really willing and ready to help himself, he will become a better man but we the public cannot force someone to change unless they are ready and willing to change and except help.

As with all abused people I hope Rihanna is getting the proper professional help that she needs and wants.

This is a learning experience of all of us not just Rihanna & Chris.

1809 days ago


98. This comment is from a mother who has a son who has experienced domestic violence. For months, he suffered in silence for men are suppose to be the strength in the family and far too often, people don't want to believe that women can be abusers.

Chris Brown was the abuser!

On the last occassion he actually went to jail because when the police arrived they would not accept that SHE was abusing him and because SHE had a couple of marks on her arms where he was trying to hold her back to prevent her from hitting him.

Chris had no marks!

Now mind you, he had plenty of marks showing that he had been injured (an open cut on his forehead where she had thrown a phone and struck him, a busted lip from her swinging at him, a bloody nose and tons of scatches) but of course - society dictates that it MUST be the man at fault - never the woman.


However a WISE JUDGE asked my son (after seeing the pictures of his injuries vs hers) was he being abused and he fessed up. This same WISE JUDGE decided to ask their children what had happened and they told him that mommy always hit daddy, or throw things at daddy and that on this occassion (they were also trying to get him for child endangerment because he 'fell' with his youngest child in hand) that mommy pushed daddy down.

So although Chris had NO RIGHT to hit Rhianna, I as a mother of a previously abused son can see in her 'storytelling' that the whole truth of that evening has yet to be told.
Posted at 12:28PM on Nov 8th 2009 by Looks Can Be Deceiving

Contradiction! You wanted the judge to believe your son yet call Rihanna a storyteller.

Read more:


On another note a lot of African American women are supporting Chris Brown. A disgrace!!! No self worth at all. This isn't the 1920's where a black man is being strung up. Chris Brown beat his girl friend in public. And for you CB fans who hate Ri he said he still loves her in the Larry King interview. NOT YOU Ri so take that and smoke it in you crack pipe.

1809 days ago


I think that Rihanna was being a flat out bitch, after all that Chris has done to sat that he is sorry she still doesn't want to edmit that she still loves him. What a bitch!

1809 days ago


I am glad that Rihanna came out and told her story to inspire people who are/were in the same situation as she was but something tells me she is only doing this interview for sympathy. Think about it. Why didn't she want to come out about it before? What is gonna make her less emotional about it now? Don't you find it a coincidence that in November she wants to address the situation when she said previously that she didn't want it to ever be in the news again?

This was definitely a convenient way for her to get back into people hearts and get them to gain respect for her so they can buy her album. There is a motive to this. Also I feel as if the interview was very much scripted and prepared for [rehearsed]. She is very reserved when she speaks about what happened and careful about the words she is using. All the things she has said are things I would have known already.I am pretty sure she was told what to say including some info from some domestic violence help books and pamphlets. I am just want Chris and Rihanna to move on from this situation because there is nothing more to tell about it.We basically know he beat her and it is going to still effect the way people look at him.I hope this is the last time Chris speaks about this again.

1809 days ago

Stay in God's love    

to janalal4 yes Rihanna is young but Chris is younger. This is not tick for tack. You sound verrrrrry angry yourself over other people's life. I don't know what god your serving but if its the one and only true God you would know he is a God that forgives. You need to pray to God for your angry you have towards someone that haven't done anything to you personally. As I mentioned in my post Chris should not have put his hands on Rihanna, can I be any more clear? Or your just mad because my advice for Chris is to get closer to God. If you oppose that you need to read the Bible. People like you feeds off chaos its time for people to get a life. God will even forgive you for all the sins you have in your life or yours is sin free. If God is not a forgiving God I guess we are all going to hell because we all sin, or is it you don't believe that Jesus die on the cross so that sinners can get forgiveness? This type of drama fuel you with hate because your glad to kick people when they are down. I guess you dont have brothers, sons or even a father, but if you did and they did made a terrible mistake of hitting a woman, I guess you would want them to suffer severely go to prison or even get the death penalty. with your anger I assume you are bitter and alone. Chris did a bad thing he owned up to it and he is getting help and he is doing his community service. Thank God you are not a Judge. Let God be the judge he knows the left side, the right side and the inside. But you wouldn't know that because you god does not forgive. May you discover the one and only true Almighty God he is a merciful and forgiving God he can mend your angry heart. I wish you well in this life and in the after life. I wont repond to your follow up because I am not a regular on TMZ just a visitor. but incase you were unclear with my original post here it is below.PS Thanks for you time and effort to respond to my post I see you have a bussy life. If you want to direct your angry into a positive way you can volunteer with me at a battered women shelter.

Rihanna is scared to admit she hit Chris and was also abusive because she is trying to avoid charges that would be filed against her. Its hard to believe that someone (Rihanna)who can smached a bottle in her brother's head causing him to get stitches over a silly disagreement they had, would not hit her allegedly cheating boyfriend that she was in a heated arguement with after she discovered the text message from the other women. she felt betrayed and angry. And given her pass abusive behavior she had to first attacked him in a rage. During her interview she state "I would not back down, I would not let it go." Sounded like a physical fight to me. When she was asked about Chris pushed her in the wall, she conviently left out the part of slapping him in his face first. This was reported here on TMZ that she slapped him in his face and that was his reaction to push her in the wall the court transcript backs up that statement. Rihanna was Chris Brown's first real relationship. She was more experienced in that department and she usually date older men.Chris Brown was a boy trying too hard to be a grown man to please Rihanna and to prove to her he can handlle an intense reltionship. Chris was her friend that she told all her secrets to, who she hates and so on and he even consoled her when she ended her prior relationship. At first their relationship was good, but I guess after a while she was bored of chris being a goody goody boy friend so she decide to spice up the relationship with her disfunctional love of fighting and arguing. She also could not make up her mind if she wanted to be in the relationship or not, one minute it's on and the next minute it's not, so he did know what she wanted so if he got a text she shouldn't have went off like that, and she did. Chris was wrong to hit her. I wish he did not but his hand on her, but he did and he paid for it with loss of endorsements deals, also public humiliation. And he is still paying due to his sentencing. Criss had admitted wrong doing on his part took resposibility apologized and is remorseful. However, Rihanna on the other hand did not tell the entire truth. She did start the physical fight. SHE DID NOT DESERVE A BEAT DOWN, PUT SHE DID HIT FIRST. In the 20/20 interview Rihanna said "We were equally possessive of each other." If I hit him first does it make it right for him to do that to me?" People read through the lines she is abusive also! It surprises me to see that she is ready to talk when her CD is about to drop. Question, why are her handlers pitching her against Chris? He did his interview and he is coming out with his CD they watched his moves and then they came out with their interview and upcoming CD this is no coincidence. If criss did not make any moves they would not have made their moves like that. THey shouldn't have forced her not to take any resposiblity for abusive contribution to their relations

1809 days ago


god's love you are completely insane.. that or you are chris browns mother whatever the case you need conselling cos you are seriously wacko and we are not talking micheal jackson here .. get a bloody life...

1808 days ago


Chris Brown career will never be over. People get that through your thick skull. For centuries men and women have been in domestic violence. Each celebrity that has been involved never lost their careers whether it was acting, singing, or etc. ALL OF YOU ARE JUST HYPOCRITES BECAUSE FOR CENTURIES YOU GREAT/GRANDPARENTS,AUNTS,UNCLES, AND INCLUDING YOU HAVE BROUGHT ALBUMS FROM THE OLD SCHOOL. SINGERS WHO ABUSE THEIR WIVES AND STILL PLAY AND BUY THEIR MUSIC TODAY. IT IS SO FUNNY HOW WE PICK AND CHOOSE WHO WE BRAND FOR LIFE.

1808 days ago







1808 days ago


I am so over this Rihanna and Chris Brown issue that it’s disturbing my spirit. This happened like what 9 or 10 months ago and she now wants to talk about it, PLEASE! Rihanna has a new album coming out and she’s just doing to get sympathy so that she could do well in CD sales. I’m sorry if I sound cold-blooded but DAMN who cares, people get their azz beat on a regular and here were so infatuated with Rihanna like she is doing something great for the community besides prancing around town giving us a freaking fashion show!

All jokes aside, if it wasn’t for the court order , she would still be dealing with Chris Brown and it is not because she is worrying about her young fan base and if they’re in abusive relationship because if she did, she wouldn’t have made a song called Russian Roulette.

1808 days ago


I would have respected her more if she had come out with this earlier. Not 3 weeks before her new CD is coming out and her new single isn't doing well. This is all publicity to sell her new CD.

1808 days ago


I am assuming most people agree that what Chris Brown did was wrong. Period. He just took it too far. But this happend like 10,mths ago and now right before her album is about to come out she wants to play the victim card. None of us were there the night of the incident so we will never know what really happened but if u notice when she was asked about how everything started, she gave some vauge answer. I personally believe that she hit him first, probably repeatdly, i would bet money on that. and although that does not justify what chris did, i do believe when people are pushed to the edge they can "blackout" (as Riri put it) and people will do things that they wouldn't normally do. What is pissing me off about this whole thing is Riri looks like she is reading of of a tele-prompter, like some one is telling her what to say. That whole interview seems fake and one-sided. Chris is a excellent performer, great singer (10 times better than Riri, don't hate u all know she can't sing, good writing saves her), and human and he needs a chance to learn from his mistakes, he is so young. And although I think Riri is fake she was hurt and I do hope she recovers from her "traumatic" expirence. Cause we all know for the past 10mths she has been depressed and in hiding (sarcasm)!

1808 days ago

rihanna's fugly    

y now is she speaking out about the incident. it's prob cuz her album's coming out. she's ugly and it was prob her fault

1808 days ago


okay she just loves hearing him say sorry. she wants him to keep feeling bad about himself. forgive and forget... to the extent

1807 days ago
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