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Lawrence Taylor Car Crash -- The X's & O's

11/9/2009 6:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the crash report for Lawrence Taylor's hit-and-run -- and it shows the NFL legend allegedly rammed his Escalade into a 1984 Ford van two separate times before driving off.

Lawrence Taylor
When Taylor was arrested, the 50-year-old told police he knew he was involved in an accident, but thought it was just with a guardrail -- but according to the report, he never even touched the guardrail.

The diagram above shows Taylor (Vehicle #1) tried to switch lanes -- and instead smacked into a van twice, causing it to hit the barrier four times before coming to a stop on the opposite side of the freeway. Cops say Taylor then drove away from the scene.

Cops say Taylor showed no sign of drug of alcohol abuse when they located him in a nearby parking lot.

Taylor was charged with leaving the scene of a crash and careless driving -- and released on $500 bond.

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X's & O's = apostrophe and ampersand abuse :)

1622 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

Serves you right you big dumb a$$!!
Driving your big fat fancy pants Escalade, getting 3 miles to the gallon, blocking traffic, texting your pimp and driving like an a$$hat!

1622 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Why is it that the preponderance of star athletes who break the law--and get away with it--are black? (Just wondering.)As for #3, Fortune Kooky, you are not amusing; merely irritating--and pathetic.

1622 days ago


What? That's four separate collisions TWO with the other vehicle. The other vehicle veers to the right. Most would assume that the vehicles would move apart from one another as each driver reflexes. Instead he hit the car again, and then keeps continuing to the right and hits the right side of the road two more times. A. How fast was he going? If he was going fast, then this makes more sense. B. If he wasn't going fast, then why did he hit something to his right FOUR TIMES?

I feel for the guy, but don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining...HELLO!

1622 days ago


How the fück do you hit someone and pretend not to know it?

1622 days ago

Leno Rules    

And he drives away missing a tire? Yeah right the guy wasn't high......If this was a normal person and not a celebrity?????We would have gone straight to jail.

1622 days ago


He's a ball player people, a ball player.

1622 days ago


Hey! Was he on 'Dancing With The Stars'? He's in the wrong and using the old he hit a tree or a tree hit him errrr a guardrail hit him. lol!!

1622 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Is Lawrence Taylor related in any way to the Civil Engineer known under the name D.C. Black (Former Navy Captain)! Looks as if he has the ears and the comparable strength and breadth! Does Lawrence know that DC enjoys driving just as much as he does, but in a more responsible method!

1622 days ago


Looks like he got rid of that stupid earing.

1622 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Crackhead Larry at it again. Who leaves the scene and drives 2 MILES on just an AXLE?
This is complete bs, LT had to get rid of evidence or guns or something.
Once a thug, always a thug.

1622 days ago


Thats a very bad part of town he is in. Whats he doing there? Looking for drugs, white crack ho's or maybe he on the down lo and cant come clean like white people find easier to do...in any event the man up to something.

Horrible human being whose only claim to fame was being able to hurt another human being. Probably miserable inside too. Sure is ugly on the outside---and he know it.

1622 days ago

deuce of diamonds    

He was definitely getting head while driving. No alcohol, no drugs, and the cops caught up with him in a parking lot (dropping off the ho, and assessing the damage).

1622 days ago

Mark Robert    

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1425 days ago

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