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Letterman Lied About Ending Affair -- Allegedly

11/10/2009 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman was having an affair with his former personal assistant way more recently than David's rep had us believing -- according to documents filed by the alleged extortionist's lawyer.

According to legal papers filed today by the defense, Robert Halderman confronted Stephanie Birkitt in December 2008 with evidence of the affair and she promised to end it. But Gerald Shargel, Halderman's lawyer, claims the relationship continued "unabated" into this past summer.

Letterman's rep has said the affair ended before Letterman's marriage in March. Dave blew the whistle on the alleged extortion plot in early September.

Today Letterman's lawyer refused to say when the talk show host broke off his affair with Birkitt. Halderman's lawyer was coy outside court about the Letterman/Birkitt relationship and said we'll be hearing a lot more about this.

In court papers filed today, Halderman's lawyer asked the judge to dismiss the extortion case, on grounds authorities were swept up in "the sensationalism surrounding the indictment" and the grand jury didn't have enough evidence to target Halderman.

The lawyer claims the $2 million demand was "a pure commercial transaction" over a screenplay.


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mickey lou    

Dave is an idiot! Go to rehab like the rest of the losers!

1771 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Dave the dirty saggy old man making his "O" face with all that wrinkled gray flab flapping around. The blackmailing whore will sue because she can never get those images out of her brain.
I can't watch dave anymore, it's just too gross.
Say goodbye to wife and kid and half your stuff, creepy old guy.

1771 days ago


The word has been out for a long time. Letterman's wife is now aware of what's going on (although she probably always did). Now it's between him, his wife and his mistress.

1771 days ago


What a dumbass! Serves him right. He's a self serving idiot.
Tick tock tick tock...Dave...your career ended years ago,
you should have taken the money and run, but as with most
idiots like you, you think you are better than you really are.
Hope your wife leaves you and takes you to the bank!

1771 days ago


As for Letterman's ratings going up, the freak show sideshow at the circus always gets the most looky-loos.

Can't wait to see you on the stand Dave. What will you do without the blinking audience sign? Now that's comedy!

Let's see who gets the last laugh, Dave.

1771 days ago

gene yuss    

no wonder we have people in this country like carrie pregean who are poster children for decency who have big fake breasts and sex tapes. vice presidential candidate religious right icons with illegitimate daughters who paraded her 'baby daddy' around only to now have him pose for playgirl. they're the bottom of the cesspool here. if you don't see that, gouge your eyes out. they're useless.

1771 days ago


Why do we care who David's having an affair with? His wife is the only one who needs to worry about it! He isnt a minister, or a politican or some "Bernie Madoff" character. He is a comedian. If you dont like him, DONT watch his tv program.SIMPLE!

1771 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

The trial is not about having an affair and till when, but it's about blackmail. Did the accused try to extort money, and broke the law?

1771 days ago


Yeah so? It's a matter between Letterman and his wife now. The blackmailer needs to just shut up now. He played his hand and lost. Too bad. Too sad.

1771 days ago


its none of our business whether or not he's having or did have or will have an affair, or with whom. Just as most of the crap on this site is none of our business. Why do we care?

1771 days ago


Letterman is a pig and I don't know any woman that would get in the sack with him, he is not a nice person. I hope he doesn't attact Sarah Palin anymore, he is far worse than her daughter ever was.

1771 days ago


Can't anyone see that it does not matter whether David Letterman had an affair and/or when he did it -- the CRIME here is that Robert Halderman tried to extort money from him!!! Who cares if Letterman is a pig -- Halderman is a CRIMINAL! Letterman can sort out his affairs with his family in private. EXTORTION is the issue here, NOT adultry!

1771 days ago


Do you suppose this lawyer goes after rape victims in the same way when he defends rapists?

i.e. drop the charges or we show evidence you've dated?

1771 days ago


Robert Halderman just doesn't get it. Who cares? The only guilty person here is Halderman. What Letterman does is between him and his wife. Halderman tried to get money out of him and thats illegal. What Letterman did was just "wrong." And again between him and his wife. Halderman get lost.

1771 days ago


Here we go with the pro-Letterman comments posted under alleged female names. Hilarious.

Unfortunately, all legal proceedings are dirty, i.e. we'll expose this if you do that etc. If Letterman has nothing to hide, what's the prob? He might've gotten more sympathy had he handled things better and acknowledged the legitimacy of the harassment and power abuse issues instead of mocking. Having trolls thumbing their nose at women in the workplace only worsens his image not rally support. Extortion is wrong, but maybe he's learning empathy with having larger forces controlling your future

1771 days ago
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