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Michael Jackson's Parents at Legal War

11/10/2009 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What a turn! Katherine and Joe Jackson are fighting each other in court ... right now.

katerine jackson and joe jackson

Katherine's new lawyer, Adam Streisand, is arguing to the judge that Joe has no legal standing to object to John Branca and John McClain as executors, nor does he have any standing to object to the validity of the will.

Streisand is arguing since Michael Jackson cut Joe out of the will, he has no dog in this fight.

During the fight, Billie Jean Jackson -- you know -- just stood up and said that she's an heir so she'll object ... so Joe's got that going for him.

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about time something was done about that man (if you can call him that)

1787 days ago


i have been waiting for this story for awhile, it sure didnt take joe VERY LONG TO mourn his son and move on to the next order of business!!! i thought he was so into his new business oh i guess it is not working out to well for him so he is BROKE!!!! you go joe and keep up with this crap and you wont have access to anything jacksons-- anymore family or children...WHAT A PEICE OF TRASH HE sue from tampa!!!

1787 days ago


Where are Katherine's sons to defend their mother?

1787 days ago


I feel so bad for Kathrine. Dealing even with small estates are not easy, I can't imagine what she's going through. It doesn't give you time to grieve properly when so much is being thrown at you.

If MJ purposely left dad out of the will, then that's just too bad. He's going to have to learn to live like a normal human being instead of living like a king...

1787 days ago


I'm on team katherine! Katherine dump that old bastard! Divorce him!And take care of your grandbabies!

1787 days ago


Let's just asume that these laywers are involved in Michael's MURDER!

What if ...

Miss you and L.o.V.E. you Michael!

1787 days ago


The more I see of this gang, the more amazed I am that Michael lived as long as he did and the more I understand why he was so sad.

Didn't Katherine herself contest the will not long ago, trying to oust Branca and McClain? And now she is OK with them.

Well, at least she is on the right track and finally battling Joe. I only wish it had been over the safety of her children when they were small, getting them away from Joe's fists - not over money.

1787 days ago


idk why he is doing this, publicity maybe? our family has enough money to cover what we need in life. Despite what people may say, our family is not broke. Jackson's wont be broke!

1787 days ago


Seems this media can only report on "selected few" people Have you notice they rarly focus in on anyone of the Jewish faith....

Posted at 2:05PM on Nov 10th 2009 by chester

Oh, shut up, you little Anti-Semite. They focus on whoever get the most clicks - including Arnie Klein who is of the Jewish faith.

1787 days ago


Ha Ha, I really love how MJ set this up. Mama is taken care of while she is alive and Daddy has to ask her nicely for money. It was clever that the money is not her's to pass on so all those leeches better hope that she stays healthy.
If they divorced would she have to pay support to the dirt bag?

1787 days ago


uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh, I guess we're all related to Michael then, seeing as life started with adam and eve. Gimme ma share too ya numbnuts...
Jeez, will this crap never end..? Joe should get f##k all.

End of debate.

1787 days ago


This article isn't clear. Is Katherine actually at the court house or just Streisand. Is Joe there or just Oxman?

It would be interesting to know if the actual spouses are facing off or just their lawyers.

1787 days ago


The media has ridiculed,and name called MJ every chance they got! I wish tmz and the rest of the media would go to hell and leave the Jackson family alone! I just want to see the headline.."Arrest was made in Jackson death!" If MJ wanted his dad to have money he would have left him some,but he didn't he left it to his children,mom,and charities!

1787 days ago


Hi balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1787 days ago


Who is Billie Jean Jackson????

Who is Billie Jean Jackson????

Who is Billie Jean Jackson????

1787 days ago
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