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Gosselin to TLC: I'm 'Unsophisticated'

11/11/2009 8:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired back at TLC ...attacking the network that's trying to get an injunction prohibiting him from making dough on shows other than TLC.

Gosselin wants the contract he made with TLC declared invalid on grounds it's unconscionable -- translation: Jon had no lawyer or manager when he sat down with TLC and inked the deal.

The best part -- Gosselin refers to himself as "an unsophisticated father of eight." He claims the deal was so bad ... he and his family only pulled in $2,000 an episode at the beginning. That's $200 a head.

Gosselin also claims TLC violated child labor laws.

Gosselin claims if TLC gets the injunction he'll be "unable to earn a living as a television personality, and therefore be precluded from supporting his eight children, whereas Plaintiff (TLC) currently has its show on 'indefinite hiatus.''

What Jon didn't say in his legal response -- how he'll deal with TLC's claim that he derailed the show by mounting what the network believes is a phony objection. If a judge buys TLC's claim it could cost Jon millions in damages.

And TLC wants Jon to cough up all the loot he made by selling his life to all the shows and websites over the last few months.


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Jon Gosselin broke his contract with TLC by banning them from taping the family and taking away a source of their advertising dollars, he started talking to the papparazzi, then gossip shows and bad-mouthing the mother of his children who just happens to be (arguably) the biggest star of Jon& Kate Plus 8. I'm sure there was a morality clause in that "sophisticated" contract they both signed as well to protect the show.

People tuned into this show to try and understand how ANYONE could "manage" such an instantly large family with the same kind of horrified fascination of viewing a bad accident. You HOPE that people make it out alive, but you're not sure it's possible. I understand that Kate was bossy (possibly even a bitch), but you have to have a drill-sergeant mentality to cope with so many bodies or chaos will ensue! And for those who watched the show and feel sorry for Jon, just stop, take a moment and think back... did you EVER see Jon do ANYTHING but play with the children unless Kate asked or told him to do it in the first place? Those are NOT the actions of a father, that is a playmate! My only criticism of Kate at this point is... What were you thinking when you decided to have more than your lovely twins? You KNEW what Jon was then. The only reason I can think of is that he was actually working at the time and wasn't around 24/7 to get under your feet. After taking care of the girls all day to have him come home from work and play with the them was probably a relief to you at that point.

Jon: You really need to rethink your future plans of becoming a TV personality! The only reason those shows have you on is because of your notariety. You can barely put a sentence together, let alone a whole interview and most of the public detests you! Not a promising prospect and it's definitely NOT TLC's fault! I just hope the judge will put the judgement against you singlely and not take the money from Kate and the kids (they're not responsible for YOUR actions)!

Best of luck Kate, kids and TLC!

1771 days ago


I now understand Kate.I guess Unsophisticated is the new standard for just plain stupid.

1770 days ago
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