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Jon Gosselin to Jon Gosselin: You're a Loser

11/11/2009 12:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Breaking up is hard to do -- but after taking a long, hard look at the D-Bag he's become, Jon Gosselin has finally decided to part ways with his hair gel, Michael Lohan and best of all, Ed Hardy.

Unfortunately it's all for a FunnyOrDie sketch, so we're guessing the rhinestoned tigers will be back.


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OH JON, how I wish you would!!!

1776 days ago


Jon is such a wh*re. He'll do anything for money these days. Too bad he didn't think of all of this after they decided to try for "one more" after the twins were born.

1776 days ago


does anyone else notice how fat he is? Seriously...this dude is getting WAAAAAAAAY too much press.

1776 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

14. "The time at the tone is 14 minutes and 58 seconds"

Posted at 11:42AM on Nov 11th 2009 by OoooNooo!

Now THAT is the funniest thing I think I've seen in a longgg time! Good one!

1776 days ago


Times almost up, going to have to get a real job soon.

1776 days ago

Jordan Williamson    

Omg is he trying to get back under his wife skirt or what all for a pay check

1776 days ago


What a complete and total jerk.

1776 days ago

Justice !    

Jon... Do you really think it's that easy? Just snap your fingers or in your case trash the gel and duds? You're joking right?

Do yourself a favor and just go far far away. You're a disgrace to the public and most of all to your family.

This little ditty was far from funny... it was STUPID!

1776 days ago


BOR-ING! Couldn't even manage to watch 30 seconds...

1776 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

so someone seriously gave him bad advice because this makes the entire situation even worse. It's obvious more than ever that he pays a lot of attention to all the message boards/blogs and TMZ comments because he knows the things we talk of or better yet make front of him. If he thinks making front of himself will have the whole world laugh with him than at him he is sadly mistaken. I don't think most of us knew he had a drinking problem until he just made a video about it....such a loser. I think he is trying to pull a fast one but we are not stupid. I think him and Michael L are still friends, he is still with Hailey, he is still a douche and he will always be one. I think he will get worse, I think he will be busted for drugs or dui, I think he will have an emotional break down soon. We are just along for the ride for entertainment to watch this douche fail at life. Thanks Jon for the laughs

1776 days ago


AHAHAHAHA! Funny!!!! Scared the chit outta my cat tho!

1776 days ago


Seriouly I think he is looking for sympathy and trying to change his image as the video tries to portray. Heis losing his new found friends and family. I bet he wishes he was still with Kate and the kids now that he has had a taste of selfishness coming back to bite him in the butt. He tried to get her back and she isn't having it just handing it to him, LOL. She may soften up in time and take him back. But a scorned woman needs a lot of cooling off. She did push him away though so she kinda deserved him leaving.

1776 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

LMAO what a loser. On TI when an audience member in Time Square asked when he was going to get off the TV and raise his kids, he said that "TV is his career now"! JON, you cannot act!

INFAMOUS, get used to the word Jon! It defines YOU!

He has no dignity, integrity and should change the inside, not claim he is changing the outside. People are deleting you like you deleted Lohan Jon! What an embarrassment to your children you are as a role model or father figure! You show them to do anything for the almighty dollar and to have no self respect. You bash their mother on TI and talk down about one of the twins yet again. You cannot help yourself from being the vile, vindictive @ss that you are! When you hurt their Mom, you hurt them. When you act like an @ss in public, you shame your children. When you bash your twins, you degrade them.

You are the most hated man alive! I wish they'd take your kids away and force you to have to work on a pig farm and actually earn a living. You use your adorable kids to support you, without your children Jon, you would be NOTHING!

Shame on you for what you do to your children, you would use anyone and do anything for money and it is going to bite you back. You failed your kids, they deserved better, but you could not better you. Your words have no merit, you just lie. No one likes a liar.

1776 days ago


Jon, I sure hope you aren't planning on this as a way to support the kids...because you SUCK! TV is not your friend, Jon. Check the want ads for IT work. that's all you are good at!

1776 days ago


NOT FUNNY! Jon Gosselin, not only are you a total tool- but you are a douche-bag as well.

1776 days ago
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