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Moakler -- I Wanna See the Prejean Solo Tape!

11/11/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler wants one last thing from her arch-enemy Carrie Prejean -- a viewing of the infamous solo sex tape.

Shanna Moakler: Click to watch
Moakler, who campaigned publicly to get "biblically correct" Carrie booted as Miss California USA, was at Benjamin Steak House in NYC yesterday where she said "I'm looking forward to seeing" Prejean's one woman show.

FYI, perverts, the tape has not been released.

Shanna also apologized for calling Khloe Kardashian a "donkey" -- but the apology definitely seemed half-assed.


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Shanna is a pig and a donkey and i am sure she has worse videos out there. Even if you dont agree with her, it's disgusting the vendetta shanna & keith had against Carrie just because they do not agree with her and Barack Obama's opinion about gay marriage. If they didn't want to know her answer, it should have not been allowed to be asked. The pageant is a total sham.

1772 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

I'd like to see it too, but if it's true that she was 17 at the time, then it's considered child porn and will never be seen legally.

1772 days ago


I read that she was 17 years old when this was filmed. Doesn't that make this "child porn"?

1772 days ago


Shanna M is a big mouthed skank. Who cares what she thinks or wants to see. Drop off the face of the Earth tramp.

1772 days ago


Why is the talentless Moakler always commenting about other people? She makes herself look like white trash!

1772 days ago

who dat    

If the pictures that TMZ posted are outtakes from the masturbation video, Carrie was older than 17 when she filmed herself. Maye prejean is trying to preempt a release by claiming she was under age. Either way this is all orchestrated by the masturbator for more publicity. Let the fingering begin.

1772 days ago


Who the hell does Dumbass Moakler think she is???? Stupid classless moron thinks she is the moral compass for the world? Her own life is a train wreck! She is publicly feuding with:
- her ex-husband
- Carrie Prejean
- anyone who opposes same sex marriage
- many other people
She and her fellow idiot Perez Hilton can hang together. Don't inflict your stupidity on the population.
Yeah, Carrie Prejean is another moron, but she is no worse than you, Moakler. I believe the expression I'm looking for is "physician, heal thyself". Now, I know you are probably too stupid to understand that, miss Shanna, so I'll explain V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y. Until you are a worthy example for the world to follow,SHUT YOUR EFFING MOUTH! Do us all a favour and drop out of public view. We will all be better for it. TMZ, stop giving her ANY time and thought! This waste of skin is JUST NOT WORTH IT!

1772 days ago

justice is served    

I've NEVER been a fan of "beauty" pageants, but Moakler brings to the pageant world a certain trailer trash mentality. She needs to b ditched. Role model NOT!

1772 days ago

justice is served    

Yeah, Moakler is also way too heavy to wear the clothes she seems to think are sexy on her.Long story short, she's a fat ass who thinks she is hot.

1772 days ago

justice is served    

The only reason she'd be keen on seeing the sex tape is so she can dream that she is also thin and beautiful.

1772 days ago


Post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree I want to see it

1772 days ago


Hilarious, bunch a demons telling humans they don't have a right to try to be in God, or tell them not to be demons anymore; if they have a fault. And at the same time celebrate divorce abortion and adultery; Carrie's a whore, but tracy lord jenna jameson pamela anderson and sasha grey's are heroes? you reprobates are too funny! Wish she was a porn "star?", what would ya say then bunch a Forces Against Good and fully of Stupidity!!

1772 days ago

gene yuss    

I remember back when I was 17 and wasn't making child porn movies. Guess, unlike Prejean, I just wasn't raised Christian enough.

1772 days ago


Let's see now...

Moakler, who never suffered a whit because of anything Prejean did, is eager to gloat over and revel in Prejean's pain, no doubt hoping there will be any more of it.

She delights in the pain of another, another who never did anything to harm her.

That is hate, by the book.

Prejean has never sought to inflict harm on anyone, and most certainly does not wish for, much less take pleasure in, anyone's else's pain.

That is love.

Moakler hates. Prejean loves. (The more puerile of you may pounce on the other meaning of love if you really want to show your immaturity.)

Moakler had demonstrated, not only that she is a hate-filled, vindictive wretch, but reflects the underlying attitude of the pageant itself. No wonder they took no offense at Perez Hilton's hate-filled attack.

1772 days ago


More definitive TMZ sophistry:

>>>>> "Shanna Moakler wants one last thing from her arch-enemy Carrie Prejean"

Prejean is not Moakler's enemy. Moakler is Prejean's.

1772 days ago
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