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Carrie Prejean Pulls Out of Speaking Gig

11/12/2009 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanTMZ has learned Carrie Prejean just pulled out of a talk she was supposed to give this afternoon at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C. -- an exclusive club for Republicans only.

An insider at the Capitol Hill Club tells TMZ Carrie canceled five minutes before she was supposed to speak because her camp wanted to avoid a repeat of last night's "Larry King Live" fiasco -- when she almost walked off the set.

Carrie faced a fresh wave of criticism this morning after her former hookup told us she wanted him to lie about her sex tape and tell people she was underage when she filmed it ... when she was really 20-years-old.


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To 71:

Please don't misread my post. I support gay marriage 100%! What I am againest is the constant bashing from both ends of the spectrum on here.

The story is about Carrie and how horrible she is. Liberals, conservatives, gays...that is not the story. No matter what party she falls under she a horrible person. So leave the political smears out of it.

1756 days ago

doc murry    

After many many years of dealing with American women, I've hit an interesting point. I've lost ALL sexual interest in them, in fact I just about puke walking down the sidewalk on any day, seeing all those $hitty, rude, mean, snotty American women. What American chick has not done a sex tape or had 2 or 3 abortions.

Strange thing, cause for so long I've been quite a horndog, chasing women at all levels. I'm still totally attracted to foreign women...Indians, Orientals, Europeans.

But show me an American chick and I basically couldn't care less. Tell me how "beautiful" she is...doesn't matter. I suppose from an intellectual viewpoint I can see the beauty, but it's not any more attractive to me than...let's say...admiring a beautiful horse or a well-groomed cat. OK, admirable, but not sexy folks.

They say that sex is 90% mental...well, my mind has rejected American women completely.

Posted at 3:19PM on Nov 12th 2009 by Terri

"you forgot to mention you have bad breath,your a fat slob and they dont call you the minute man and shorty for nothing you idiot",,

1756 days ago



1756 days ago


Yes.. Carrie Prejean used the pretense of Christianity in vain in an attempt to further differentiate herself, and so hopefully advance in her shallow non-Christian like endeavors. And so yes.. She fell short in the eyes of Christianity “If she was ever one to begin with.” But people like Larry King and all the rest out there that mocking and laughing at people like Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin ought to be humble and fear God because they are not immune. You hear that?! Ok then..

1756 days ago


She canceled FIVE MINUTES BEFORE? What a little bitch.

1756 days ago


To Only marry foreign women:

Why so bitter? I'm sure because American women are REPULSED by you and your foreign hairy back, LOL.

1756 days ago


Liar, liar, pants on fire! How many more lies will Ms. prejean make before she finally goes away??

1756 days ago

doc murry    

god dammit im tired of people hiding behind christianity,,there is no god and there is no devil,,when you die you go into the void of nothing,god and jesus and all the other crap people read on sundays is a bunch of dogcrap,,dammit stop talking about god,,he never exsisted you idiots,,heaven is nothing,,hell is nothing...this young lady should pose in playboy so that i may see heaven ...

1756 days ago


Too bad she pulled out, I really wanted to hear her solutions for nuclear disarmament, peace in the middle east, job creation, and renewable energy sources. Oh well, guess I'll just have to tune into Paris Hilton instead. Hey Eric, she is not derided for her moral beliefs; she is derided because she's STUPID. She's also a self-righteous hypocrit. Since when did this porn video and naked photo queen become so uptight that she can't abide two people who love each other getting married? Where are her family values! And for Gay Mafia Coward, Gays WILL get the right to be married because you cannot deny an entire segment of the population their rights forever! It will happen. Keep sticking your head in the sand, or wherever it is.

1756 days ago

gene yuss    

You liberals are pathetic. Just because Republicans accept mentally challenged people into our party you try and get all high and mighty. And that wasn't a child porn video she made. She doinked herself at 20. Everyone lies sometimes. You think you're so perfect. Who doesn't doink themselves? I'm on cam right now doodling my noodle. Get over yourselves.

1756 days ago


Moral beliefs? And she made a sex tape at age 20 and sent it too her boyfriend. Does the religious right have any morals at all? They are the monsters of this country right now. She is such a flake. Religious right flake, like millions more that are in this country. What they speak, they certainly don't live that life.

1756 days ago


Carrie definately does it for me. I love all women. I like Asian, Indian, German, English, French, Eskimo, Japanese, Turkish, Adab, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Kenyan. I think Carrie will do very well and I certainly am a big fan of her. I only wish everyone could see how silly it is for two guys to want to get married.

1756 days ago


Someone needs to stop her! She is not a good role model for anything but porn! I cant believe Larry King didnt put her in her place. She is a liar, and should not represent anything!

1756 days ago


What's really funny, is that idiot republicans thought they had a new spokesperson to chant their screwed up thinking. They are right, this bimbo DOES represent their crazy effed up thinking. Good job wackos, you picked another "genius" ! LOLOL

1756 days ago


I don't care what her opinions are on any subject. The facts are she is a Trashy, Dumb, Bimbo who tried to use God as a stepping stone. God works in mysterious ways & now a sex tape appears! Thank you God for your sense of humor & for getting this washed up never was off TV!

1756 days ago
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