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Missing Persons Singer Finds Herself in Jail

11/13/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dale Bozzio, the lead singer from the '80s band Missing Persons, has turned herself in to a New Hampshire jail yesterday to serve her time for an animal cruelty conviction.

Missing Persons

Last year, Bozzio was charged with the crime after authorities found loads of sick and dead cats inside of her home. After the gruesome discovery, 12 cats were euthanized and Bozzio was forced to pay the $2700 bill.

Bozzio -- who was lead vocals on that song "Walking in L.A." -- was also sentenced to 90 days behind bars and 250 hours of community service.


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Oh my god, minus the hair she looks like Aileen Wuormos (sp?) the serial killer that Charlize Theron played in "Monster"...yikes.

1784 days ago


I remember that video in the 80's, when MTV actually played music. She was wearing some kinda solar panel skirt and had huge ta-tas

1784 days ago


yep, number one - she does. I remember her when I first moved to Cali back in '85 that group was really popular with the "valley girl culture crowd" then - Dale wore really funky, suggestive cheap looking outfits that looked great on her 'cause she was really skinny and she sang with a really quirky sounding voice.

1784 days ago


I think she also did a centerfold spread for Hustler magazine.
Her ex-husband Terry Bozzio is one Hell of a drummer.

1784 days ago


she used to be the bomb...but either drugs or bad living has definately taken a toll on her. The fact that she abuses animals makes her a complete loser in my books. I am glad she is being punished for animal least this time justice is being served.

1784 days ago


I saw the pictures of her catsh!t, dead cat infested house. She deserves every F@#king hour and then some. She actually had dead rotting cats in her house!!!! WTF

1784 days ago


Okay really, just look at this woman... she has a mntal illness. As much as I would like to make a rude comment about her; I cant, because she is the poster child for a mental illness. I think someone should get her some help, and forget the fines.

1784 days ago


dang - she used to be really hot. i agree she looks less like a criminal and more like a person with mental illness. her brother is one of the great drummers of all time

1784 days ago

Biased information    

Just Some Vaccine Ingredients: Aluminum, Mercury, Formaldehyde, MSG, Chicken Embryos, Monkey Kidney, Aborted Fetuses... What doesn't k*ll you can only make you stronger right?

1784 days ago


It doesn't sound like she was intentionally harming cats. More like she is a cat hoarder and thought she was helping them but was too overwhelmed. She definitely needed to be stopped, but I suspect that more good would be done by getting her into therapy instead of jail. I say this because I suspect that she will go back to collecting cats unless she gets proper treatment. A regular jail sentence will probably just slow her down for a few months.

1784 days ago


WOW, Time has a way of revealing alot about ourselves. She was a Rock n Roll princess, and now....Crazy cat lady. I feel great empathy for her. I hope and pray she gets good help. I can only pray that none of us have to deal with the demons she has to.

1784 days ago


welp here is another person i have no respect for hoply they will kill bout they take her,dmx,mike vick out somewhere and put a bullet in their heads

1784 days ago


I'd like to euthanize this bitch. She deserves a harsher punishment for making animals suffer.

1784 days ago

TMZ Fan    

Are you sure this isn't Gary Busey?

1784 days ago


She looks just like Charlize Theron on Monster. LOL What a wacko!

1784 days ago
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