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Nic Cage's Home -- Cleaned Out in Sixty Seconds

11/13/2009 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Nic Cage's foreclosed New Orleans home was sold at a public auction, movers wasted no time clearing out all the leftover junk yesterday.


No word on where the movers ended up taking all the crap -- which included carpets, tons of boxes and a giant stained glass window.

Nic -- who's suing his former business manager for blowing his fortune and leaving him dead broke -- wasn't around for the move.


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Balls has no Balls    


1804 days ago


Sad this happened, I hope he nails his former Business Manager.

1804 days ago


Yeah blame the Business Manager!

1804 days ago


Did he at least have that same concerned look on his face that he always does?

1804 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

That stained glass window looks beautiful! Who purchased the property at auction?

1804 days ago



1804 days ago


I feel badly for Nicholas Cage and his financial troubles... A lot of us our having financial difficulties - I guess it's all relative to how much we have to begin with. (I have a lot less so I'm a lot less in debt). HOWEVER, I don't know how Mr. Cage can blame his Financial Manager for his financial woes. According to reputable sources, Nicholas Cage owns numerous houses, cars and even not one but TWO Islands.

It sounds to me like he's just spent all that he made and now that he doesn't have so much money coming in - he's wondering how it all got so bad.

But I heard (not sure it it's true) that Johnny Depp is going to help him get out of his financial mess. I hope that includes some kind of financial counseling for Mr. Cage so he doesn't get into this kind of financial trouble again.

Good luck to all involved. :)

1804 days ago


#2 this is not his business manager's fault. The guy was spending money like it was growing on trees buying Islands, castles and things like comic books and dinasaur skulls.

1804 days ago


It a shame this happen to him because of some other greedy individual. This should show everyone in the music industry, showbusiness, and everyday life that you cannot trust no one else with your money or your life. This is exactly what happened to Michael Jackson too. There are more evil and greedy people in this world than ever. Especially United States. Instead of criticizing Cage or Michael Jackson just remember you could loose your home or other things that you have worked for all your life because some sorry individual got greedy and wanted to destroy you just like they did both of them. Think before you judge others because more than likely they didn't do it to themselves the greedy ones did.

1804 days ago


I guess he needs to do National Treasure for real this time.

1804 days ago


All I have to say is "Bangkok Dangerous," "Ghost Rider," and "Next." 3 super crappy movies isn't helping either. The last good movie he did was Fast Times at Ridgemont High and he was only an extra...hahaha

1804 days ago


I can't feel too sorry for Nic Cage though. Not like he's a big contributor to charity or anything. Sounds like he's done a lot of foolish spending and for the first time in his life, he's finding out what the rest of us deal with everyday.

So lame of him to blame it on his business manager. Look in the mirror and blame it on that guy!!

1804 days ago


You know, it's hard to take TMZ seriously when they use the kind of language that's found in this "report". I can't hear a real news reporter callin it "crap". C'mon Harvey, crack the whip a little will ya?

1804 days ago


Why is it when celebrities go broke they always blame the manager for managing there money wrong... If you had that much money don’t you think you would watch it like a hawk,,, coming from someone that isn’t rich it makes sense. SAD, SAD, SAD

1804 days ago


I don't understand these celebrities. It happens with them all the time, and will continue to happen to them. I would not pay anyone to watch my money. I wouldn't do that even if I had $500 or $500,000,000. There's no way I will trust anybody with my money, but me because I know what's going in and coming out. True enough, you have trustworthy accountants, but I still won't do it. If you wouldn't trust your family with your own money, why would you trust and let a complete stranger handle your finances? If you do get an accountant, my advice: STILL LOOK AT YOUR BANK STATEMENTS YOU IDIOTS!!!! A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

1804 days ago
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