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Floyd Mayweather: Is That Cash in Your Pocket ...

11/15/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... or are you just a complete idiot?

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a hundred thousand of his closest friends -- plus Diddy, Ray-J, Mario Lopez and Jermaine Dupri -- hung out at XS in the Encore hotel after the Manny Pacquiao fight last night.

Common sense eventually prevailed. Floyd put the money away rather than "make it rain."

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I'm not going to HATE. I'm taking a different approach. I think it is good when a young African American man EARNS his WEALTH without doing something illegal. We always get a bad rap no matter what we do. Damned for doing...damned for not. Some of the comments bordeline jealousy and hatred. I wish nothing but good for this brother. Give the dude a break and let him celebrate his victory however he wants. If he blows every dime, he earned it and it's not our business. All of us flaunt for our "friend" one way or another. Maybe not on his level, but we do. I'm proud to see a BROTHER for once make a decent living and not afraid to celebrate his efforts.

1794 days ago


A black man comes into some money.................and everybody wants to be mad. He beats up people for a living, how much class and intelligence should he have?? Whoever is hating on him looks and sounds unintelligent by even worrying about what he does what his money. He "earned" it, if he wants to flaunt it, he has every right to. Now if he was robbing and stealing, you wouldn't have anything to say!!!

1792 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

Stupid is as stupid does......All EGO no SENSE

1801 days ago

arte help    

I think he's going to Simone at her 1100 show down at the strip club. Gotta have them dollars because she's a money grubber!!

1801 days ago


Gone in a minute. How dumb is that to show anybody the money........ With this economy.
He is open to CRIMINALS of snatch and grab. Put the money away you fool.

1801 days ago

Lenn K.    

Here a man who just is an idiot and could be doing things and helping people. You do what you want with your money, but in the end we all know how this will turnout, broke on your A$$, in jail or beating someone up at an airport.

1801 days ago


How about doing something good with all that money....rather than drinking it up and acting like a fool. I'm disgusted with hollywood and the idiot bottom dwellers of society it breeds.

1801 days ago


what a showoff

1801 days ago


My spouse & I have been saying for years that it's just a matter of time before this fool is killed due to flaunting his wealth. He feels he is so tough that he can flaunt piles of cash. Besides looking ridiculous he's putting his life in jeopardy.

1801 days ago


How cheap.

1801 days ago


No one cares about this no-name.

1801 days ago


People are laid off and unemployed. People are having a hard time and hes showing off his money? Come on.

1801 days ago


floyd is brat, big mouth boy, same with mayweather sr. now pacman is the no.1 pound for pound king. people are challenging floyd to face pacman. he should keep that money now. after defeat with Manny Pacman, his career is over.

1801 days ago


Live it up chump, Pacman is coming for you!

1801 days ago

Karen F. from Chicago    

How interesting, he's so rich he have to show it to the people who are not. Mayfool ego is out the window its gonna hurt like hell when he is brought down.

1801 days ago
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