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Floyd Mayweather: Is That Cash in Your Pocket ...

11/15/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... or are you just a complete idiot?

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a hundred thousand of his closest friends -- plus Diddy, Ray-J, Mario Lopez and Jermaine Dupri -- hung out at XS in the Encore hotel after the Manny Pacquiao fight last night.

Common sense eventually prevailed. Floyd put the money away rather than "make it rain."

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seriously!? these types of fools are just plain dumb... who does that?? they should be donating their money for a good cause not showing it off...I hate people like this...

1805 days ago




He shows off to other people, wanting them to know he has money.


1805 days ago


Another example of, you can take a monkey out of his tree, dress him up, take him out to a bar...but he will always be a monkey.

1805 days ago


The Packman will smack that bitch senseless if he has the guts to face him.

1805 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This is how people who were dirt poor and not very intelligent behave with their money. People have different ways of showing this bad judgment, but this is the most obvious of them all. It showcases a complete lack of class, understanding and appreciation for their newly found situation and unless people like these fools smarten up, they are almost certain to position themselves in ways where they are actually much worse off then they ever could have imagined. In these difficult times, it is actions like these that make some others want to stick their heads on a pike pole and run through the streets in protest. I just think it's sad, foolish, and unimaginably immature. Maybe they should read up on the fall of Rome or the French Revolution, but I imagine that will never happen or they would be too mentally thick to get it.

1805 days ago


Soulja Boy would be proud.

1805 days ago

In L.A.    

How appropriate that Mayweather is hanging out with two other dumb a**es P. Diddy, Daddy, Doody or whatever he calls himself and Ray J - they all have the same level of infantile intelligence. P. Doody should be ashamed of himself at 40 years old looking ridiculous. Jermaine and Mario might be a step above, but it's embarrassing that young people look up to these morons in the picture who skate by on mediocre talent and absurdity. Bankruptcy will be sure to visit Mr. Mayweather.

1805 days ago


I HATE black men like Floyd. They flaunt the money and don't appreciate it. This is why people call them the "N" word. It's just ignorance. BTW, I'm black for someone starts an uproar about it.

1805 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

You don't see Manny Pacquiao acting like this. Pound for pound he is the better fighter too, but he is also the better man!

1805 days ago


i dont care how much money they have.. I dont want this group living anywhere near me.. no class no class

1805 days ago

marky spark    

Almost as stupid as a grown man named "diddy".

1805 days ago

Dave Evans    

Hundreds of years ago Africans were taken prisoner and put on a ship to points unknown.
Most prisoners died, either on their way here, or later, they worked their arse to death.
The blood of the surviving ancestors made it all the way to this point.
Now, Today we get these stupid ass idiots with multiple kids from numerous women and hopping the bars and wishing they were something else.

1805 days ago


All I can say is - you'd better save that money!! I hope you "watched the fight and took notes"!!

Manny Pacquaio is coming!!


1805 days ago

Chicken Lover    

If they only new the jokes going on at their expense. White men are laughing their a$$'s off!

Posted at 8:32PM on Nov 15th 2009 by Get Real

If they only "NEW" the jokes...

Get Real? how about get a dictionary.........

1805 days ago


You know I commend Floyd on all that he has accomplished but I feel Floyd needs to humble himself just a tad bit. Understand that maturity is a must just as sure as age is definite unless you die young. Flaunting his moola shines a negative light in the minds of some influential personalities he may one day need. Remember all good things come to an end. Luck is when prepareness meets opportunity. Set goals even when your on top. Humbleness is needed.

1805 days ago
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